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  1. 19 hours ago, CheersnGears said:

    Content -> Databases -> [database name] -> Forums tab suggests that I could rebuild the topic content and it would recreate those missing threads.  It doesn't seem to work.

    The blurb is:


    This tool will add a background task to resychronize the content generated in the first post of a topic created by this database. It will also create topics for records if a topic does not exist.

    Correct - it does suggest it will rebult the topic content.

    Your reading of the second sentence, however...

    It won't recreate missing topics - as far as it is concerned, as a result of a topic previously being created it now has a record of that topic's ID and the rebuild would rebuild the content IN THAT TOPIC.

    Let's say you change the "topic display format" for some of the database fields...run the task, it rebuilds the content in the topic that exists already.

    Let's say you don't have the setting enabled for a database...you have a load of records, you decided that you want to have topics too. You enable the setting, run the task, it builds the topics because none exist already.

    But once the task is run....you have a topic ID. Delete that topic somehow...it won't be recreated.

    The field that contains the topic id for a database is the "record_topicid"

  2. They want to clear the content of the core_achievements_log table down by chaning the setting that prunes it.

    They are concenred that it will have an effect on the badges that have been awarded to the users already.

    Here's my input...

    Awarded badges are stored in core_member_badges, so should be unaffected by changing that.

    However, I suspect that if you clicked the option to rebuild achievements at a later point then there may be an effect on automatically awarded badges at that time.

  3. Cause appears to be the following:

    The markAsRead function in front\mixins\ips.core.table.js searches up up from the clicked link for the closest element with the class .ipsDataItem, and then adds ipsItemStatus_read and removes ipsItemStatus_unread.

    That's fine in the traditional view as there it is:

    Could contain: File, Text, Page

    But in grid view, there's no element with the .ipsDataItem class for it to find:

    Could contain: Text, File

    Adding the ipsDataItem class to that indicated entry resolves the issue - located in front\index\forumGridItem.phtml

    Could contain: Page, Text, File


  4. Something I observed on another site where the grid display is the only option - just tested it on here, and same behaviour

    1. Switch to "Grid" view on the Forum index
    2. On a forum that has unread content, click the "Mark Forum as Read" icon
    3. You will observe that the strong effect on the forum title is removed, however the icon doesn't change from unread to read until a refresh is performed.

    Tested on desktop versions of Firefox, Edge, Chrome.

    I'll upload a video once someone replies to something on here.


  5. 9 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

    No. I mean in Members->Staff->Administrators. If you do not have full permission in there, this is likely to be your issue

    Might have something to do with the lack of ACP menu entries for it - I've always assumed that you guys had hidden it in the ACP because it was due for deprecation in v5:

    Could contain: Page, Text


    Can be located via the ACP search - search for 'Support' and you'll get the Commerce entries.

  6. It's not just page 3, it's actually on page 2 aswell - that is where the original post is, which is then quoted on page 3

    Do the following to edit...

    1. right click the ... menu (that would normally display the edit button) and select 'Open in new tab" (or window)
    2. You get the same page, with the menu now available.
    3. Click 'Edit'

    Didn't you have this before a while back?


  7. Just going to add this to the fun...

    If it was me doing this, I'd be checking if I have any other non-Invision applications installed which may have a table in the database.

    For example...."links"...

    With NO knowledge of what you have installed in your Invision environment, and NO knowledge of whether you have 1 table called "links" or multiple tables called  "links_<SOMETHING>", I'd be wondering if that was used by an application called "Links Directory"

  8. ?

    The link is to a resource that provides the feature you are requesting to be added, as the feature doesn't exist (hence why you've asked for it)

  9. If the requirement is for the availabiity of the player to depend on whether the user can download attachments (which is a forum level permission) then I added functionality for this for videos back when Invision 4.3 added the native player for videos (see my feedback of my concern on this)

    Same functionality was extended to cover audio file after they were added in v4.6 (I think)


    Instead of a player being displayed, the file will be displayed as an attachment instead if the user doesn't have the "Download attachments" permission in the forum in which the post is located:

    Could contain: Text, Business Card, Paper


    However, if you require the user to be able to play the audio, but not download it, then the above won't assist. The resource does have functionality to disable the 'Download' button in browsers that support the ability to disable it, and to disable right-click on the player. But ultimately, if the player is available then they can always get the URL of the file via the HTML source code if they really wanted to do so.

    Any questions on the resource, https://www.ynwa.tv/forum/98-pre-sales-questions/

  10. OK - I'm not going to get the full picture with such small bits of information so here's a quick working example (dev folder and tar included in zip - now deleted)

    • Install the application on your test site
    • In your editor settings, add jscontroller.test to the allowed javascript controllers
    • Create a post, add the following as the HTML (via the source)
    <div data-controller="jscontroller.test">TEST</div>
    • Submit the post.



    Could contain: Text


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