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Posts posted by Nathan Explosion

    • Insert one item in to your pages database.
    • Look at the cms_databases table in your site database and identify the database_id for your pages database.
    • Look at the cms_custom_database_X (where X = that database id) table and review the content, and how it is populated.
    • Take that structure and mirror it in your excel spreadsheet (titles etc)
    • Use the Import -> CSV functionality in phpmyadmin to import the csv file in to the table.

    It's how I've populated over 100 years worth of football league tables in to a pages database - approximately 20,000 records.

  1. Something that may help those who are planning upgrades now that PHP 7 is available....

    For the last couple of weeks, I've been doing a test upgrade/rebuild every few days in preparation for doing an upgrade next week. My forum has ~3 million posts and the rebuild process was taking approximately 2 days (just over 2 days) to complete via CRON, running on PHP 5.6.x

    When PHP 7 was released, I put it in place on my server - left the PHP version at 5.6.x for my test site, went through the upgrade and then changed to PHP 7.0.0 when the upgrade had completed. I then put my CRON in place and left it to it. Checked just 24 hours later and it was close to finished. Since then I've performed 2 further test upgrades, one with 5.6.x entirely and the other putting PHP 7 in place after the completed upgrade but before running the rebuild tasks - and the results have been great with the switch to PHP 7.0.0 for that rebuild portion. Now looking at a down time of just 2-3 days instead of a previously planned 4-5 days.

  2. Kevin - I downloaded and started playing with this the other day and I just have to say that this is probably the best mod/addon/plugin/application/whateveryouwanttocallit I have seen for IPB/IPS since I began using it 12 years ago. Cap well and truly doffed to you.

    Could I get your input into a set of rules I'm thinking about?

    I run a fan site for a football club and use the calendar for match fixtures. We also have a forum in which a topic exists for each match. Previously keeping both updated has been manual and I'd like to try to automate part of it.

    When I create a fixture in the calendar, I'd like to create a topic in the forum with the same subject/title as the calendar item, but also include the start time & date of the calendar item. In addition, if/when the time/date of the calendar item changes then the subject of the topic is updated too.

    Is this achievable with the application?

  3. A little tip regarding the setting up of the CRON job to handle the tasks for rebuilding - I upgraded my 3.4.7 test site, containing ~56,000 topics/2,600,000 posts, to RC3 on Wednesday and calculated out that the rebuilding tasks would take close to 72 hours to complete even with the CRON job set to every 1 minute (was seeing only a .02% increase every minute for the posts rebuild)

    The smallest interval that a CRON job can run at is every 1 minute - but there is a way to go lower: sleep xx; (where xx is the number of seconds to wait before running the command after the ; )

    I have 3 CRON jobs now set up to run the tasks, each every minute - first one is as presented by IPS when viewing the CRON options within the ACP, but the other two have sleep 20; and sleep 40; added prior to the same command.

    Result: the task processing was down to every 20 seconds, and I started seeing a .05%/.06% increase every minute for the posts rebuild as a result. So if you are in a position to know that running faster than a minute will not impact your hosting, then give it a try.

    Note: once the rebuild is complete, no real need to keep the extra 2 so just revert back to having the 1 running every minute.

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