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  1. Clubs Enhancements

    i believe there is a miss understood here, this is a simple feedback and of course my purchase dont make me require changes Really appreciate the support.
  2. Clubs Enhancements

    Yes and for this feature i was the first one to purchased the plugin But it can be dangerous, its the case on our board. We have more then 10 groups (one group per country) with +50.000 members, a member on the board created his own club and add ALL the groups to this club ! Members will not be happy when they found themselves added every day to a new club ! dont know if i well explained the problem ? All what we need, an option to activate or not the Groups add feature for owners
  3. Clubs Enhancements

    Sorry i was talking about the Add not invite feature Club's admin can add all the community members !? we have more then 50.000 members !
  4. Clubs Enhancements

    No not new feature, in your plugin you add the "groups add/invite" feature and for that we purchased it, very usefull to invite groups with hundred of members (instead of inviting them one by one). Imagine that a member create a club and invite the whole "members" group or a "premium" group he should have this option as normal member even if he is a club admin, true?
  5. Clubs Enhancements

    Hi @Adriano Faria can you please disable "groups invite/add" feature for normal members and keep it for forum Admin level only ? Groups admins have access to groups visible only for real admins.
  6. Clubs Enhancements

    imagine the admin of a club that invite the 'whole' commununity members group !! club Admins shouldnt have access to 'backend' option such as groups, for example on our forum we have several groups and we wont thats normal members see them for example, or even invite members of those groups
  7. Clubs Enhancements

    Hello, a "security" suggestion, Please remove the ability to invite group from normal members even if they are admin of a club, only real admin should invite by groups, dont you agree ?
  8. Clubs Enhancements

    Awesome, just purchased ! I suggest a feature to invite members based on custom fields (if member country is USA then invite, ..) Actually we create a separated members group for each country and send them an invite with your app!
  9. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    I really would like a discount, can't purchase it actually at this price and i am not considering downloading it from illegal ips websites. I believe too, its an amazing app. just little bit expensive for me.
  10. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    hello, very interested app ! The price is little bit expensive, if its around 10$ for example i believe more people will purchase it, i'll be the first
  11. Member's Country

    hello, is this plugin compatible with the 4.2 version ?
  12. (NB40) Ads After X Topics

    any screenshots ?
  13. (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    Just awesome, this plugin help us to show ads inside posts and its more efficient then classic header banners. Support is just perfect, in less then a hour a new version was released with a feature i requested !!
  14. Exact ! only first post should be visible. Agree !
  15. Can you add another option to hide replies from guests too ?