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  1. Helloo, we have More then 80.000 members registred since 10 years now, What is the best strategy to use this app ? Create a group move for members which have more then 1 year for example with a second rule >30 days to mail them ?
  2. hello, we arre very intersted in this app is there any coming updates ?
  3. Janyour

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    thank you ! i checked it but it seems that it dont send automatic mails to users being connected latest X days. no ?
  4. Janyour

    4.3: Engagement Improvements

    Hello guys, i would suggest adding an automatic newsletter (digest) sent to the latest X month active members, we have a big community with 80.000 and we cant send emails to all of them, the best is to send digest to active members in latest 30 days for example (last login, post, comment, ..). It will reengage them again and again. we are doing that with an external service (acy mailing for joomla) and work pretty great.
  5. Janyour

    4.3: Promote to Facebook Pages and Groups

    Hi, what about Linkedin for profesionnal forums ?
  6. Janyour

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Thanks for the black friday discount but the price seems to be the same (19)!
  7. Hello, is there a plugin to send email to members with specific value in their profile field ? for example members in UK country ?
  8. Hello, We are looking to move some members based on a field value (Country) to second groups, it seems thats not possible with default options any plugin or app to manage members and do that ? thanks !
  9. Janyour


    Hello, can we send newsletters with latest topics for example to members being active in the last 30 days ? Can we also send email to members who had not visited the website in last 30 days to invite and renagge them ?
  10. Hello, awesome plugin ! can i send autpmatic emails to inactifs members ? if a member is not actif (> 1 month) he will receive an email to say him hello for example and re engage him again
  11. Janyour

    [HQ] Bulk add to a secondary group

    hello, very interested to mass assign second groups for ips 4.2 i would like to search for members based on a a country field and add them to a specific group any advices ?
  12. Janyour

    (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    which one ? can you advise ?
  13. Janyour

    (NB40) Ads After X Posts

    Hello, any way to show ads in IPS pages after content ?
  14. Janyour

    More power for bulk email opt-ins!

    Hi, we have another community website based on joomla / easysocial .. and we use acymailing, there are a lot of automatic actions and mailing that bring back our members, if they are not actif from a XX day, not read or open newsletters .. in addition of manual marketing actions that we perform every time. we really had a chance to build this second webiste on jommla and not ips, ohhh my god when i imagine that we use ips for it ! thats a dead community and it become a basic forum for annonyms users. any way