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Entry Comments posted by teraßyte

  1. Isn't this the old "Promote to article" feature? I guess the change is that now you can choose any database and not just articles (and copy all posts). But yeah, being able to use it for other application would be a much better improvement. I guess it could be supported using a new application extension.

  2. 6 minutes ago, AtariAge said:

    Can you define "recently deleted"?  Is there a specific time frame?  Can this be set by the admin? 


    Check the first image, it contains the setting the admins can use to specify the number of days.

  3. Huh.  I sure would like to get some sort of response to my question.  This is not making me very interested in purchasing.

    ​If you want an official reply from IPS you should submit a ticket or post a new topic in the pre-sales questions (both IPS staff and other users will see it). It's rare that people will reply to such old blog entries. I only saw your comment because I was still subscribed to it.


    As for your question I never used RSVP myself so I'm not sure if you can get notifications about them.

  4. Yes, it is late because this is not important for you. Because you are not speaking Russian.

    Should I develop IPS4 and know all future features?


    I'm not saying it's not an important issue but, as I mentioned before, this blog entry is more than 1 year old. You could have pointed out this issue when it was posted 1 year ago so they could have discussed it more when they were still building it at the time and not now.


    You did read this entry and even commented once on 28 Ag 2013 ( your old reply is on page 5 :) ).

  5. Thank you. :smile: My server has got 12 cores and 64 GB, so I believe it will be about the same...


    I did the conversion using the --dump option from SSH btw.



    You need this command to start it with dump:

    php cli.php --dump

  6. Hello ! :smile:


    If I understand well, the first thing to do is convert the database to UTF8. Can you tell me how long it will take for a 8 GigaBytes database ?


    Thank you  :smile:


    It really depends on your server in the end. I converted a 17,5GB db (~42m rows) in a little under 2 hours and a half but the server I did it on was a 16 core with 32GB.

  7. Im done with this..

    Some or all of the columns in your database are not using the utf8_unicode_ci collation (orig_admin_login_logs.admin_ip_address is latin1_swedish_ci)

    I edited, i converted this 4 times, i asked my HOST to do it, and i still get this messages, i hope IPB4 upgrade can mange to fix this by it self... because this is bs... 


    Have you tried downloading the latest version of the check script? Most likely you're using version 1.0.0 and this error should be fixed in 1.0.1.

  8. my forum was ready now have


    Some or all of the columns in your database are not using the utf8_unicode_ci collation (orig_admin_login_logs.admin_ip_address is latin1_swedish_ci).


    but when use converter says all fine odd !


    That's a minor bug with v1.0.0 of the check script. Download the new 1.0.1 version and it should return no errors.

  9. Ok, I converted the Database, and then modified the conf_global as directed and got the following error:


    Driver Error


    If you are seeing this page, it means there was a problem communicating with our database. Sometimes this error is temporary and will go away when you refresh the page. Sometimes the error will need to be fixed by an administrator before the site will become accessible again.   


    Whats the fix?



    You should open a ticket in your client area, this is a blog entry and you won't get much help here. This is not a bug report neither a support ticket.



    The converter now is officially supported after all: http://www.invisionpower.com/clients/ ;)

  10. Question: Will there be a migration tool from vB 4.2.* to IPB 4.0 BETA? (This is so I know whether I will need to migrate to IPB 3 then convert it to 4.0 BETA, or not).


    Usually the converters are always released for the final version, your best option would be to convert to 3.4 and then upgrade to 4.0 beta.

  11. Is there any front-end responsiveness to the brain better receptivity of the square user's profile photograph rather than round? Unless we have round PC monitors, I think we should not dispute against the idea that square photograph is the common standart.


    They have already mentioned that there is a skin setting you can use to switch from round to square photos :)

  12. Well, this looks good :smile:



    A few points after reading it:


    8) I don't really like the wording "Browse MY content" but I can just change it so no big deal here (I always prefer something like "Browse User/Member Content") :tongue:


    9) As TSP asked just above me it looks like the signature won't show just like in 3.x, could you confirm? @TSP: I agree with you about it being frustrating, if they confirm it's not included I'll add a mod for that in my todo list ;)


    10) I hope there is a per-user option to disable this? And I also hope there is a way to limit the "nodes" loaded? If a user has 20 albums, 3 blogs, and contributes to another 10 blogs that place would get quite messy.

  13. RikkiCharles, yes, i understand that messages like "xyz is completely useless" is not helpful. But I did not want to go into details because this topic is dedicated to private messages, not to ip.chat. I could write a more detailed and constructive review of IP.chat problems, but inappropriate in this topic.


    Therefore I would like to focus on this issue:



    Brandon has already replied to that, looks like you missed it.


    Adding a switch to turn it off (or on, defaulting to off) is not a solution.  If we include the feature, we have to support it.


    We have a chat solution already if you want to chat.


  14. This is awesome.  Getting excited for 4.0 with every new blog post!  


    I love the "have to acknowledge" before they can post again as well.   That will come in handy!  


    Keep up the great work!


    That's already available in 3.x too just in case you missed it ;)

  15. Well, that's a huge usability improvement. But I have to ask a quick question: in the text itself you mention that it opens a window asking to which categories the setting must be copied to but in the second screenshot all I can see is a dropdown chooser and not a multiselect one. Does clicking on the dropdown open a multi-select panel? A little video of how it works or at least a better screenshot?

  16. Cool cool. So question...let's say I'm viewing a list of 300 downloads if which five are featured. If I hit that checkbook does it use Ajax to reload my results and only show those five?

    Sorry if it's in the video. Phone.


    No, from what I understand it will select only the 5 featured rows/results for you to moderate those. It's not a filter to show only the chosen content.

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