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  1. IPB is compatible with 7.4. I’ve been running it for months without issue. My guess is when you upgraded your PHP, you missed adding a few of the required PHP modules. Run the system requirements script and it will tell you what you’re missing.
  2. If you’re asking if IPS has a wiki application, the answer is no. You can create much of a wiki’s functionality using the Pages application, including creating databases that allow your members to create and update content, track changes etc.
  3. Yes. I’m using the latest stable version. No problems on 4.6.9. So it’s not that. There would be a lot more people posting in this thread if it was a version compatibility issue. 🙂
  4. No problems for me. It looks like a bucket permission or credential problem from Google searching. Have you checked your config to make sure your credentials did not get goofed in your upgrade? You might just make a new Wasabi API credential and use it to make sure it’s not a problem with the account itself.
  5. I would recommend editing your posts above to remove your phone number for privacy sake. Instead I would make sure your contact info (email and phone) are updated in the client area. Also FYI… there is an announcement posted that IPS offices are closed from the 24th-27th. The announcement says to use the Client Area with the word “Urgent” in the subject line for urgent issues.
  6. The idea is you disable ALL plugins and test. If it happens with ALL plugins disabled, you know it's not the plugins causing the problem. If it starts working, you turn on the plugins one by one, testing each until you find the one causing problems. You figure out which is broken by process of elimination.
  7. You could create a rule which promotes anyone who has more than X content into a new member group. Then give that group permission to create clubs. Search the ACP for Group Promotion Rules for the area to set this up. I do something similar for new members. They actually can’t post links until they have more than 10 content items. Once they do, they’re moved from the default group (I call it Newbies) to the group “Members” which does have permission to post links.
  8. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I greatly appreciate all of the hard work from our marketplace developers and those who are smart enough to customize code so that I don’t have to try to slap some half-baked code together that might or might not have a million security holes in it.
  9. IPS staff don’t generally spend much time in this forum as it’s meant for peer to peer assistance. If you can’t post in an officially supported forum, I would recommend using the Contact Us page and asking the Sales or Account staff to move the ticket to the appropriate place. https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/
  10. Anytime. It was a learning experience for myself... so I appreciate the chance to pickup something new. Also for your own reference later... once you create the block, the embed code will give you two snippets you will need to use: The "boot loader" which will need to be added to your Wordpress global template in either in your <head> tag, or just before the </body> tag. (I would suggest putting this in the global template so that you only have to do it once and can embed IPB blocks on ANY page on your Wordpress site.) This handles loading the CSS and other template stuff needed. That code will look something like: <script type='text/javascript' src='https://www.YOURDOMAIN.COM/applications/cms/interface/external/external.js' id='ipsWidgetLoader'></script> Wherever you want the block content itself to appear, add the embed block code that will look something like: <div id='block_SOME_MD5_HASH_PROVIDED_BY_IPB' data-blockID='YOUR_BLOCKNAME' class='ipsExternalWidget' data-inheritStyle='true'></div>
  11. There are two scenarios that I've seen trigger this previously; mod_security blocking the request Using a WAF that is intercepting/blocking the request I would suggest start by checking if you're using a WAF first. If so, for testing purposes disable it long enough to confirm. If that does not do it, move onto checking mod_security. https://ubiq.co/tech-blog/how-to-disable-mod_security-in-apache-using-htaccess/ The above URL has some guidance on various ways of how to do this.
  12. Ahhh I see now. I had to actually go back and do this myself. Once the block is defined, back at the main block selection screen in the drop down is an option for external embed. I learned something new today! Thank you very much!
  13. Hey Mark... just to clarify... using blocks would allow a user to embed the code into a 3rd party system such as Wordpress? The way I was reading the OP's request... she wants to take the calendar or other areas from IPB and have it embedded into a Wordpress instance that obviously would be outside of IPB. The only way I could think to do that would be to export the IPB content via RSS and have Wordpress import the RSS feed. I was not aware of a way for the block system to be used outside of the IPS framework itself to display content in something like Wordpress or Joomla, etc.
  14. The only time I saw this happen was with a browser cache issue. As a test, try making the change with a different browser. If that works, try popping the original browser cache.
  15. IPB uses the default php mail function which should work with Sendmail. You should be fine. If you have problems with this, IPB also supports sending mail via other methods such as SMTP or with other big 3rd part mail delivery services.
  16. One thing that I’ll point out is that disabling these functions is RECOMMENDED and not REQUIRED. These functions are not used by IPB, but they might be used in other scripts. In a shared hosting environment, each administrator must juggle what modules to support to balance security with functionality. Saying they have support for IPB means they meet all of the minimum requirements. They can meet that requirement list without those modules being disabled. Think of it as more of a good idea than “it must be done”.
  17. This depends on the settings of the community. Some individuals allow posting from guests, or have it so that someone can START posting a topic, but be forced to complete the registration before the post actually appears. As a result, it would not be good to just “default block” that path. 🙂
  18. Ryan, is it possible to get limited access to the moderator logs to review edits? (You can limit it to a single person and to a defined time period if necessary!) 😄
  19. The areas you are quoting look to be related to themes. For example, the button color. Those can be customized in your Theme settings. ACP > Customization > Themes > (Find the theme you want to modify) > (Click the Pencil icon). There will be a tab for button color which will specify the color for the various buttons on the site. (Button Class will change Primary Button, Secondary Button, Normal Button so you should not need to set it, just pick the right button color in that section.)
  20. Yes, Daw does good work! I have a few enhancements applied to my own site! 🙂
  21. ACP > System > Site Promotion > Advertisements One of the options there let’s you specify that you want to manually control where the ad goes and gives a link that explains how to manually add a placeholder for the ad code in your theme
  22. Community Support is a peer to peer help forum. There is another spot for official IPS help. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/497-help-support Good luck. 🙂
  23. Correct. It’s only in the widget if the user had permission to view the item at the time it generated. If the user lost permission to the item that change occurs immediately… however the old link in the widget won’t disappear until it rebuilds within a few min. If the content was never visible to the user (say an admin area) it wont show to normal users in the widgets.
  24. If the topic is visible, it’s allowed to show in the widget. If you hide it, I the link/title of the hidden topic remain in the widget until the cache rebuilds. In the mean time if it’s actually clicked without permission to view they will get an error. This is similar to if someone copy’s a link to a post that is later hidden. If they access it via a bookmark, they get an error if they don’t have permission to view the content.
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