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  1. Just forget everything and get me my database back now Please put it in dropbox or someplace as it is 25 years old and very large. Thank you guys for your help but I’ve gone through hell with this for the past month and I can’t take it anymore
  2. I can no longer log into anything and I need someone to call me immediately I have over 46,000 members and everyone of them are pissed please call me {number removed} I don’t know what happened but this board is suddenly a disaster
  3. I made a mistake above I need all the information for complete access to the database that you have on AWS that belongs to my company. I will also be contacting PayPal and Amazon Web services regarding this issue unless it is resolved within the specified time I requested. I’m not trying to sound crazy or not I just don’t let people with me. Lindsay I need for you to call me as soon as you can otherwise I have seven more accounts that I will be pulling from envision power services they are clients of ours . Like I told Jim earlier I have been a customer for a very long time and this has me Furious. thank you for your time and please understand it whatever you guys did it has website it is a disaster right now
  4. hi Jim first of all thank you for your help… I am not a happy camper I have been trying for days to contact you people even via telephone where is says incoming calls or not except it I have been a long time customer and referred many people to your business. You took money out of my bank account a week early without my permission. With that said I want my database sent to me in full or placed in a place that I can access within the next 48 hours. I will also need all the login information for table name is yourI will also need all the login information for complete access to my database. Thank you very much for all your help and I am just hoping this was a bad mistake because this new site is an absolute mess. as soon as possible. If necessary I will pursue legal action immediately.
  5. Hey Jim thanks for the input. Just checked and Google auto ads are off and once again I have no idea where the devil this giant add came from.
  6. Thanks opentype https://forum.filemakertoday.com . Where would I turn it off as it was never turned on.
  7. This suddenly appeared there and makes our forum look terrible. This is a huge Google adsense and we did not put it there. Someone please help us get it off our site.
  8. Huge ass in the header of every page… this thing makes our form look like crap it suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was not answered by us can you please help remove the ad at the very top of the site. It is in the top of every page and it looks like someone hacked my head put it there. Please help remove it
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