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  1. I currently work on custom php block that retrieves topics from the API. How can I check if the a given topic has unread content for the end usr? I see that within templates this is used Can this somehow be used within custom php blocks? Thanks.
  2. Thank you so much. After I put the quotation marks it works.
  3. The above solution does not appear be working for php custom blocks. Anyone knows how to include a php file in a custom php block?
  4. Thank you very much. I work with a php block, is the syntax the same as for the template?
  5. In my custom php block I am simply trying to include a php file and echo a variable from the external file like this: But I include the path I get errors, see attached. If I don't include a full pth and simply say include (test.php); then there is no output from the variable. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  6. Thank you. Is there a way to display the current forum name more prominently in fluid view?
  7. My forums h1 tags simply say topics. See the attached screenshot. IS there a way to display the actual forum name in h1 instead of simply saying topics? I see that invisioncommunity.com does it as it appears in the second screenshot. Thank you.
  8. After the upgrade everything appears to be working as expected. Thank you @CodingJungle!
  9. It is truly disappointing to see @CodingJungle not only not addressing the issue but also not even recognizing the issue here. I paid for the app because it promoted and advertised certain features. IT is not fear for me nor others to be treated this way.
  10. Thank you Morrigan. Too bad, it would be very helpful. Hide and delete are very powerful features and there should be controls beyond on or off.
  11. I was not concerned about members mass deleting content posted by others at all. I was however interested in learning how to limit their ability to hide/delete content.
  12. Hello. Is there a way to set some sort of limit on the number of posts users can hide/delete? Privacy is very important for our community and sometimes members might want to remove sensitive things they posted. I would love to give them that opportunity but my previous experience shows that it will be used and abused when they start deleting everything. It would be great if I could set only x% of the total posts to allowed to be deleted/hidden or only x per time frame. Something that would prevent mass deletion of all content. Thank you.
    Update the last update everything works as expected.
  13. It appears that it also fails to ban the alt accounts. It merely alerts me that a duplicate was logged. Please advise.
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