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  1. Ignore, I found it in the core_member_known_devices table.
  2. Are these stored in the db somewhere? ips4_login_key - holds a login key ips4_device_key - holds the device key
  3. Ok I think I found the issue. I went into Groups, then Guests, and scrolled down the list of forums. There was a checkmark in the "post" column. Not sure how this one forum that has existed for years had this, but I have removed that. Let me see if this continues. Not sure why I did not look there earlier.
  4. No, this person never existed. In the last 3 weeks, I had 4 of these types of posts all from different "Guest" named bots.
  5. I am running into this issue now more frequently. I have a 3 post moderator rule that people's posts will not show unless approved by a moderator. These people never posted to be approved so I do not know how these posts are being published.
  6. Yes DawPi really came through and helped me get exactly what I was looking for. The end result will not interfere with the normal replies with the forum keeping users happy, but also allow me to stay in compliance with affiliate rules.
  7. Yes, I have that running now, but the issue I have is in regards to links. Amazon is threatening to terminate my affiliate status if I include links to Amazon since that is against their terms, so I need to not show any links (especially active ones). I tested the truncate content option and took an example amazon link and it will still send the link, that is why I can't show any content.
  8. Anyone have any suggestions on how to update this within the tools or do I need to create a plugin? I see there are email templates that can be modified, but not sure if that is the best way to do it? For now, I would just like to say something like "A new post by XXXXX has been added to this thread, click here to view the new post" Is that possible?
  9. Is there a way to disable active URLs in replies from the forum. There are two options, one is to try and disable any active links in the email reply, but still keep a link to the forum itself. If this can't be done, is there a way to not display the message in the body of the email and just say "There has been an update to thread......" and link the people to view it online?
  10. This hasn't been approved yet, hoping it does, I would like to restrict this ability from new members
  11. Is there a way to disable the ability for new members to follow other members until they reach the next group? I am not seeing it in the group options, is there any other way?
  12. Is there a way to send out a Bulk mail to users from a specific region? I would like to send out a blurb to users in a geographical area to let them know of new features that may be something of interest to them. Is there any way to group members then filter them? Any plugins that help do this?
  13. Is it possible to add a page link down in the footer by the Contact Us link?
  14. Using version 4.5.2, is there a setting now that changed the default setting from 4.4.x to where... "I use to click on "view new content" and go on a thread, it used to take me to the first unread post, now it just goes to the first page." I see there is a setting in your account, does this change the default behavior?
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