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  1. This keeps happening over and over to me now. Not sure what has changed, nothing on my end. I also had a member write about this. I can't figure out what might be happening
  2. I just read this post now because it came in my email as i was looking at my email. I am very excited that you are doing this for SES. I am on SES and would be happy to test this if you want to PM me the update/instructions.
  3. Just found my own question asking for these features almost 2 YEARS AGO!! In the two years there seemed to be one big update for 1.1.7 and then mostly some bug fixes or compatibility updates. I know it's not easy keeping up with apps. But then just tell people the project is dead. I feel bad for the people that still buy it today.
  4. Very sad that you are still asking this. So much potential, but I gave up on it a long time ago.
  5. Huge vote here to get Amazon SES. I am already on it now.
  6. Can we ask the mods to close this thread? It is not helping anyone.
  7. This thread is over 3 years old, do you think you will ever see it. I would consider it vaporware.
  8. This was happening on mine even before 1.2
  9. Just wondering if anyone was able to utilize or know of a way to utilize any of the Points systems out there to post items? One of two things. Use points to buy credits to post items or use points as a value. For example i want to post an item for $50. It would take 50 points from my posts on the forum and I can post. This could help encourage people to post more so that they can post items for free. Otherwise they would need to buy points to post items. That is the quick version, just wondering if anything like this is possible. thank you.
  10. Very nice. Thank you. I probably looked at that page several times. I possible idea for this is to work it into the system to where you need to require an address (at least a zipcode). Then you can add some cool geolocation features to be more like a craigslist where you can search for vendors within 50 miles of X postal code. All sellers would need to enter in this info first before being able to post an item. I think it could be a very helpful option that wouldn't be too hard to do.
  11. Is there a way to store a location for a vendor? I am not seeing a place to enter a location and I don't think people that want to list a bunch of items wants to enter it in every time.
  12. There have been no updates since May. The reason I posted this again is because my renewal for support is next month and at this point, i feel it would be a waste of another $20 if there will be no more development happens. I have no problem paying for plugins or added features. I just need to know if I should invest my time in this, look for outside development of this or just use a different platform all together. This came out almost 2 years ago now and it's only improved marginally. It could be a killer app.
  13. What is the roadmap for this product? I bought it when it came out and I haven't seen an major improvement in a very long time. The updates have been minimal as far as feature enhancement. Maybe most are happy with where its at. I am not saying it's bad product at all, this is not meant to be a negative post, I just want to know if there is more coming to it in any foreseeable future. I would even be happy to pay extra for plugins for it, I am not looking for freebies. Did the shipping tracker ever get created, how about integration with other marketplaces, how about proper multi-currency integration to where if you have a global forum, each vendor can pick their proper base currency, then the system converts it. I can keep going if you are interested. I would just like to hear about a v2.0 that will show there will be more to this system.
  14. Whenever i try to do anything like https://forum.mysite.com/restapi/auth/authenticate, it tells me that the page doesn't exist. What am I missing?
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