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  1. I think that is more importat to have a correct email address to answer to instead of a wrong one! So I think It's better to fill by hand the "verification" field in order to be sure he will be re-contacted.. In many contact forms I used there were no possibily to paste a text. what's the problem with this.. If a user doesn't spend 10 seconds re-writing his email address..probably is not interested in an answer..
  2. I totally agree with you :)
  3. Hello Everybody! Sometimes I receive email from Guests sent from Contact Form with a wrong email address... because the form does not check if it's correct or not. If a user write accidentally a wrong email address..I cannot answer to his request 😄 Is it possibile to add an "email validation" in this form?
  4. Status update is still a very nice idea, I will turn off comments on profile and indirectly also status updates.. No-sense for me.
  5. In my personal opinion "comments on profile" are different from "status update" That's why there should be possible for the administrator to make visible or not comments on profile in the home page. I think that the most part of the users don't expect to find a comment they wrote in a profile in the homepage..
  6. It will be nice to choose to make visible or not messages that are wrote inside user's profiles... Status update is different from a "personal message".. In my opinion is not very kind to read a sort of "private communication" in the home of the forum.. Riccardo
  7. Hello Red, 1) JPEG Image Quality Define a JPEG Image Quality when saving the resized image. Choose a value between 0 and 100. 0 = No Compression 100 = High Compression Is not true: 0 = High Compression 100 = No compression ------ 2) I set the resize dimension to 800x600 and the total weight of the post to 1024 kb. I uploaded a picture of 800x600 of 104 kb. The result is 800x600, 95 Kb...How it's possible? The resizer should not work in this case! Rik
  8. He is working on an tool that will work via ACP. Rik
  9. Hello Adriano, is there the possibility not to give the normal members the possibility to use this option? Riccardo
  10. Ok! Please keep in mind to give our admin the possibility to choose between a "classic" image resizing and "ImageMagick", because I really don't know if my provider has this option available in their servers. Good Job Red!
  11. Hello! I agree with hawksfan to give the admin the choice to enable or not the watermark. @Red: thank you for the answer. Sorry, what's Image Magick?
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