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  1. I've resolved the issue. You won't believe what it was. I upgraded to 4.6. Memcache is no longer supported so I disabled all server-side caching. Result: the website is incredibly faster. Like, not even kidding you, 50x faster. Memcache must not have been set up wrong or was otherwise messing things up. The site is blazing fast now. (I use Cloudflare for CDN caching, but even with that disabled, it's fast). Thanks for all the advice! (cc @Jimi Wikman)
  2. I upgraded to 4.6 and disabled all server-side caching. Result: the website is incredibly faster. Like, not even kidding you, 50x faster. Memcache must not have been set up wrong. The site is blazing fast now. (I use Cloudflare for CDN caching, but even with that disabled, it's fast) So will will forego using redis for right now, but I'll implement it in the future if necessary. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. Thanks, Jimi, I appreciate your time and advice. My servers run on Antlse hardware, which is kinda cool, but yeah, I wonder if if's getting tripped up on name resolution or something else. Maybe my vhosts config is wonky or something. Or maybe the server is just getting overwhelmed? The stats look good though so I dunno.
  4. @Thomas P: Thanks for this advice. I'll try it out with redis on the Apache server first and see what happens.
  5. @Thomas P: Apologies for the tag, but you replied earlier. Any thoughts on my question quoted here? I have 2 physical servers: an Apache server and a separate MySQL database server. Based on that configuration, where should I install redis for caching? Should I place it onto my Apache server so it offloads the MySQL machine? (Interestingly, the MySQL server is totally dedicated as a db server. I think the Apache server has more load on it) Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi @Jimi Wikman: Thank you so much for your reply. I wasn't notified of it by email so I just saw it now. Yes, I do have Cloudflare. I would love if the answer to this problem was that CF wasn't configured properly. Any advice? I've been banging my head against a wall for months over this. I don't know where that 7-second delay is coming from. Even if I put the Cloudflare DNS into bypass mode, and also put it into "Development mode" (ie, bypass cache, etc), it still has the delay. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks for this info. I misinterpreted the "Advanced Configurations / Data Caching" page and thought that I could not use Redis with MySQL. But I see that's incorrect. I have a dedicated server running MySQL for my website. It's got some good horsepower behind it. Does it makes sense to install Redis on that mysql server? Would I gain any advantage from that even though they are on the same box? Thanks!
  8. My website, dragonmount.com, is slow to load. There's an initial long delay of about 6-12 seconds, and then the entire site rushes and loads quickly. This has been driving me crazy because I can't figure out where the delay is coming from. The IPS application is installed onto a local server. The MySQL database is installed on a different server. The two servers (app + db) are connected to the same switch. Easy networking. Fast ping times. At this point, I wonder if the initial delay described above is due to the server making a request to the DB. Could that be it? How do I track it down? Does IPS make a single, persistent connection or does it us a new db connection for every request? Either way, the issue does not occur with the ACP. The ACP loads much faster. Ideas?
  9. I understand that Memcache will be depreciated in IPS 4.6. But what methods of caching are going to be available instead? From what I understand, only redis caching is available now. But you can't use redis with a MySQL database. I have Cloudflare... will that be enough? Advice?
  10. I use a heavily customized skin for my site and it works fine on 4.4.10. I've been bitten in the past where I upgraded and learned I had to update my skin. With all the front page improvements to the default skin, will that mess with my custom stuff?
  11. Thank you @JEFF MACK for alerting us to this. My value was filled in, but it's these sort of things I want to hear about before upgrading!
  12. I want to include a block with standard footer stuff into the bottom of some of my news items. But nothing happens when I include: {block="my_footer"} Is there a way to do this?
  13. Bump to revisit this. I can clearly see the number of views for every news post inside the record_views field the database. Seems simple enough to somehow get this information into the ACP, right? Is there a setting or something else I am missing?
  14. Sounds like @Interferon might need this plugin? I've not tried it, but it looks amazing and I might grab it soon. The reviews are very promising. It might be a great way to have Discord and IPS more fully in sync.
  15. Where in the ACP can I view stats related to page views of my news Articles?
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