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  1. This hasn't been approved yet, hoping it does, I would like to restrict this ability from new members
  2. Is there a way to disable the ability for new members to follow other members until they reach the next group? I am not seeing it in the group options, is there any other way?
  3. Is there a way to send out a Bulk mail to users from a specific region? I would like to send out a blurb to users in a geographical area to let them know of new features that may be something of interest to them. Is there any way to group members then filter them? Any plugins that help do this?
  4. Is it possible to add a page link down in the footer by the Contact Us link?
  5. Using version 4.5.2, is there a setting now that changed the default setting from 4.4.x to where... "I use to click on "view new content" and go on a thread, it used to take me to the first unread post, now it just goes to the first page." I see there is a setting in your account, does this change the default behavior?
  6. I would like to create a blog/news page like the IPB news page: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/ Can anyone give guidance on how to do this or is there a tutorial on how to setup something like this. I do have the Pages app.
  7. Hopefully it helps. Basically I started comparing the install to another new site I am working on that is working perfectly. When looking at the console errors in the browser, it pointed me to the JS that is generated by the forum. My live forum wasn't happy with the way the variables were set and it had a number for the height, so as soon as I entered that value, its like everything came alive.
  8. Wow, think i just found it on my own, just because this value was blank killed the whole site. The sad part is, i ripped everything apart, deleting plugins, applications, themes, etc just because of this one value. Not good.
  9. The upgrade completed, but now I am having a ton of javascript issues. Most links or functions don't work because it relies on javascript. The editor doesn't show up, can reply or create new topics. I uploaded files manually Ran the support tool, cleared all the caches Cron jobs are running, rebuilt proxies, still working on sitemaps Cleared datastore It is the default theme, i mean right now it couldn't be more default. All the directory permissions seem to be fine, not seeing anything else tell me otherwise. Some admin features don't seem to be working, like the Marketplace, nothing shows up, can't search, so some javascript seems to be off in the admin area as well. Any other ideas on what can be causing so much pain? I have created a support ticket, but maybe someone here has run into something like this in the past. I do see errors like this in the console:
  10. Holy Ads Batman. 16 ads on one page.
  11. Wow, you are definitely my hero. While that probably made me money, its was extreme spam 🙂. That was it!
  12. I am not sure how this was activated, but how would I find the right area to shut the ads that show up in the WYSIWYG area?
  13. Is there any way to get forum activity reporting via the API? If not the API, how can I pull any of the stats that you find in the admin area. (posts per week/month), (registrations per period), etc.
  14. Very good, than you for the quick reply!
  15. Kudos on this one, big step for this application. Very happy to see this happen!!
  16. If I wanted to give access to a developer to work on something, is it possible to select forums that won't show results in the API, basically I want the API to follow the same rules as I have in the forum that they are only accessible by certain people. Does the API give all or nothing or can it be restricted for different keys?
  17. This keeps happening over and over to me now. Not sure what has changed, nothing on my end. I also had a member write about this. I can't figure out what might be happening
  18. I want to use IPB as my oAuth server to log into another part of the site. I am not sure what is being looked for here on this portion of the Admin area. What redirect URL is needed here?
  19. I just read this post now because it came in my email as i was looking at my email. I am very excited that you are doing this for SES. I am on SES and would be happy to test this if you want to PM me the update/instructions.
  20. Just found my own question asking for these features almost 2 YEARS AGO!! In the two years there seemed to be one big update for 1.1.7 and then mostly some bug fixes or compatibility updates. I know it's not easy keeping up with apps. But then just tell people the project is dead. I feel bad for the people that still buy it today.
  21. Very sad that you are still asking this. So much potential, but I gave up on it a long time ago.
  22. I am waiting for Stoo2000's Bounce Update that will work with Amazon SES. Until then I am trying to stop sending emails to users that are bouncing emails. What is the best way to make sure no emails are being sent to a user that continually bounces emails?
  23. Huge vote here to get Amazon SES. I am already on it now.
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