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  2. @batarjal I'm back again, Is there any way of changing 'Group Mapping' Ignore perms? Instead of just blocking administrator?
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  4. 1.7 - Fixed avatar problem. - Fixed some colors.
  5. 1.7 - Fixed avatar problem. - Fixed some colors.
  6. 1.7 - Fixed avatar problem. - Fixed some colors.
  7. I am also having this issue. There is no option to turn it off, for now I will have to remove bot permissions regarding managing roles. If a user does not have a role on the website and syncs their discord account, the bot goes into discord and removes their role repeatedly (even if they haven't logged on anytime recently) no matter how many times an admin manually re-adds it in the discord.
  8. Hello, Could you make a Widget listing the last comics added? It's really a missing widget on the index of my site 😮 Thank for your Job !!
  9. they are both back up now, had to move them to new nodes, god i love cloud computing 🙂
  10. My community is a game site. We don't use real names and discourage the use of PII on the forum. In controlling PII from the beginning (only one of many ways I'm sure) it simplifies GDPR-type privacy concerns too
  11. Jeg ser at språket endrer seg etter hvilken template man benytter. Har noen av dere vært borti denne problemstillingen?
  12. You can add a WYSIWYG block below each SuperBlocks block with a “more” link to the sections. That should work and look fine.
  13. Any tips on where/how to integrate links to the actual pages represented by the blocks? Example: I have a calendar block titled "Upcoming Events". I'd like there to be a clear path/link to the actual "site.com/calendar" somewhere. I'm afraid mobile users, especially, may not be aware there is a full Calendar beyond the 5 (or whatever) shown in the Superblock. Same for Gallery / Forum / whatever other Superblocks. Any tips from other users? Or, @opentype, maybe we can turn the block titles into links?
  14. Hello I installed this and get an error [[Template feed/front/feed/feedItem is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I've tried googling this to no avail, any ideas? Thanks, Mark
  15. @CodingJungle is the Babble Chatservices down? I can't get it to work -and it is not working on your site either..
  16. Feeling real good RN!




  17. @Fierce God - thanks for the shout out! ❤️ Appreciate it, and there definitely are a handful of gaming communities using IPS. It's far more superior than any other options out there for gaming communities, and I feel a must have if you want to have a successful community.
  18. There are several ways to achieve this:) We have oAuth Support or create your own SSO integration for Laravel
  19. I know. People tell me that and I keep not getting around to it. And I "misremembered" which version I already had it updated to, so kept putting the wrong files on there to get it back to its previous state. Actually, though, I am a bit paranoid about pw managers because then someone could end up getting into that, too, then they have all of them.
  20. I don't know if IPS knows this........ But the new age of a advanced features Gaming Community/Gaming Clans/Gamer Social Networks = https://invisioncommunity.com i know i can only speak for/on a handful of them but you got some major communites out there now, using IPS look at - @ADKGamers @TAMAN - Hells Hammers @TimTheMiles - CGN for Social Network for Gamers @g1nt3r - A Division Game Community @JustHatched - For two very known name Games Gaming Communities and many more that don't even post on here but are using IPS software IMO only, i would make the switch, IPS has a converter type thing now that most ppl can transfer their already made Communities to here (As long as it's compatible with the converter or software..... if i have that part right?)
  21. I also manage a videogame community and I would like to make an IPB board available to my users. Unfortunately using Laravel, it is difficult for me to create a SSO system. IP.Board is used by many sites in Italy: minecraftitalia, everyeye, hdblog, all successful projects, it's just a coincidence? 😛
  22. It got me being extra sure about that type of thing. I went through looking over everything like that. One thing I had done is when I did a Select on a form and the choices had numeric values, I just moved along, not thinking through that in $form->values it would not be cast as an integer automatically. of course, once you test you end up noticing the issues, so I hopefully caught all of them. Plus I went back through looking, myself, for any that may have slipped through. PHP 7.3 went back in reverse and doesn't act as strictly about typecasting? Or you mean something else?
  23. @media JI've had this problem too... Another way to fix this problem is to upgrade to PHP 7.3
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Available payment gateways: PayU PayU gateway paymet for Commerce App (IP.Nexus).


  25. This is a thing of your email provider. The email goes like any other email sent by the framework.
  26. Do the messages reach the main mailbox or arrive as spam?
  27. At this point, it’s only a proposal. I don’t think it will become law. At least not in the way it is proposed. However, the reasoning is understandable and far from “insane”. In fact, one could easily argue the opposite: It could be considered insane that the online world is so far behind the “offline” developments we had in civilized societies – and that, among many other things, is based on responsibilities. There is a reason you can’t drive around without a license plate for example. There is a reason police can stop you and ask you for your ID or bring you in to identify you. You can harm others in the real world and you can’t just run away from that by simply being anonymous. But you can still do that online. And that has become a global and serious problem. The internet is not just a place anymore where a few nerds and scientists write in newsgroups. It’s part of our daily life now and affects e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. You have millions of illegal activities going on every day, terror attacks planned, teenagers cyber-bullied and driven into suicide, elections in other countries changed by bots, fake news believed by millions and turned into violence and hundreds of other such things. It’s not as simple as “But muh freedom!“. The negative effects need to mitigated in some way, because the harm they cause can be greater than the benefits of our freedoms. Finding the right balance won’t be easy, but complete anonymity clearly also doesn’t work. And people who think otherwise probably just haven’t been on the receiving end of the problems it can cause.
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