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Update problem with 4.7.15

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Trying to install the update from my location (not at the server location) and I get the following error:

"There was an error downloading the files to your server"

My hoster tells me his log is showing:

Thu, 25 Jan 2024 08:55:18 +0000


Could not list the files in the zip

#0 /home/rhocar/public_html/admin/upgrade/extract.php(643): Extractor->extract(0)

#1 {main}

We have downloaded the zip file and that file is definately present.

Any thoughts ?




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2 hours ago, rhocar said:

We have downloaded the zip file and that file is definately present.

You have downloaded the zip that is had pulled from our servers, and this will not open? I ask as it doesnt appear to be stating its not present, but rather it cant list what is in it

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No, we have manually doenloaded the ZIP file and it opens correctly and everythinmg appears to be there.  When the host tech support have a few minutes to spare (he's a one-man band and very busy) he will try and install it manually by inserting the files.   I just wondered if there was simple fix we could do enable me to do it remotely via the usual offical automatic route.


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Thanks, I'll let you know the resuls.    As we were happyliy running it before, I assume my host must have changed something.


23 hours ago, Jim M said:

Typically a server issue when something like this. Can ensure your server is compatible, otherwise, you would need to check why your server is having issues extracting the zip.



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This was the result, looks fine for me ?


<li class="success">PHP version 8.3.2.</li>

<li class="success">cURL extension loaded</li>

<li class="success">DOM extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">GD extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">Multibyte String extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">MySQLi extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">OpenSSL extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">Session extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">SimpleXML extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">XML Parser extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">XMLReader extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">XMLWriter extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">Zip extension loaded.</li>

<li class="success">Exif extension loaded.</li>

<li class="advisory">You do not have the GMP PHP extension loaded. While this is not required for general use, it is required if you wish to use Web Push Notifications. You may wish to contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for it to be installed or consider switching to <a href='https://invisioncommunity.com/buy'>Invision Cloud Community</a> which has Web Push Notifications enabled.</li>

<li class="success">128M memory limit.</li>

<li class="success">No Suhosin restrictions.</li>


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On 1/26/2024 at 6:17 PM, Jim M said:

If it is all green there, then you would need to work with your hosting provider.

That's who gave me those results I'm afraid.

On 1/27/2024 at 3:43 AM, teraßyte said:

Yeah. As I mentioned a few times already, the check script should flag the 8.2 version as not compatible rather than checking only for 8.0+ versions... 😅

Is 8.3 a problem then ?

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