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Delete all members on community without loss content !

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Hello everyone how are you ?

Then I have a small doubt, I need delete all (members on my community I have estimated 400 active members or more ) but this is BETA Game then now I need exclude all members for start the official database info

How to execute this with the best process ?

OBS: I can not loss my forums posts because have much guides of the my game !

I a search on here, and some topics have information of how execute this with manually mode member by member but this is very long time.


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Pretty sure that if you perform an advanced search in the Members list, and then click on the 'Prune members found' link on the top of the results - the members are removed, but the content is kept behind as 'Guest'

Test it out with a single user (perform a search that will find that single user) to confirm, then try it with a search that will return 2 users to further confirm.

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11 hours ago, Marco Junior said:

Is it possible to use a query to delete all members, member content except Admin user ? Because this solution didn't solve my complete problem.



The best way to go about this is through a custom app that will handle the deletion properly. 

A word of advice, if I may, make first a backup of your database before you delete all the members. You never know when it might come in handy.

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