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  1. That would not be a plausible solution. Seeing that the CMS itself allows us to edit and remove this wouldn't be a CMS bug? Why do they allow us to edit the anonymous status? A bit strange that. Maybe it's an unresolved bug yet.
  2. Hello everyone, I need help with post anonymous, when I create a new topic with this function. Does dont possible edit my post for not anonymous because when editing nothing occurs the topic continue anonymous. Any solution for this ?
    Simply amazing. And the support is quite effective. The options for customizations and editions of the theme make it much easier. Without a doubt I don't regret having bought this theme. Great job.
  3. Hello dears, I have a warning on my admincp this warning show-me a information refers to my database mode. What's this ? Compact mode ? Error: Your server does not meet our recommendations. This may prevent you from upgrading to future versions of Invision Community. You have one or more InnoDB tables that are using the `Compact` row format. This may limit the amount of data that can be stored within the table. We recommend changing it to 'Dynamic'. If you are not sure how to do this, you should contact your hosting provider or system administrator for assistance. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator and ask them to resolve these issues.
  4. Hello dears, I need help with timezone in my community, i need change for my local time this is possible ? GMT -3
  5. Hello dears, I would like to know how I can be placing the version field above the moderation field. In the right sidebar I tried all the ways but I was not successful. Could someone explain to me how I can be putting new fields in the side sidebar of the layout?
  6. We know that today it is very essential to have a better control of our products as well as reports of official releases, suggestions and or problem solving. I would like to suggest to IPS that they consider the possibility of creating their own and standardized application of the system itself so that we can have a better control of our products. I know that it is possible to create a report tracker using the Pages feature, however many IPS clients do not have extensive knowledge in the development area and this ends up making it difficult for these potential clients to work with their respective projects. So I would like to suggest to the IPS development team the possibility of bringing us an application 100% dedicated to this. A report tracker where our customers can send suggestions, bug reports and everything in between. An application where it would be possible to define the statuses and how they will behave. Who could use this application (groups) and the like. Well sorry for the long text the idea is this I hope to have a positive response from the development team. Thanks in advance.
  7. The idea really is to standardize my system and keep me as an active IPB customer because WHMCS solutions are really very good. However, dividing customers is being very complicated. As I said above, some features would be critical. Records News Virtual machine management (vmware solution) cPanel The idea is really to transform the CMS into something different, bringing us this type of integration would facilitate our management work. There are still some legal resources for the IPB such as (Downloading notes via PDF and some other resources that are of paramount importance for a CMS that works with direct or indirect sales. I have an extremely legal customer flow, however I can't force them to register in the community with the system integration maybe betrays me a greater convenience when managing my business. Sorry my English !
  8. Hello through this I come to suggest to developers to make a complete integration of WHMCS with IPB. I currently manage 2 companies with almost the same purpose but unfortunately I end up separating my platform clients and this has been a big problem. It would be interesting for developers to integrate the IPB system with the WHMCS primary functions such as: Record Profile Revenues Sale Type of services (cPanel, cloud, vmware application) It is extremely complex, I know that, but it will strengthen the community whose focus is IT applications and solutions.
  9. Not solved. Every published report still needs approval from a moderator. Can someone give me a solution?
  10. Hello guys first good morning, afternoon and night. I have a small problem in the application of "Pages" I created a database called trackers the idea is to have a report tracker in my community so that my clients publish possible problems related to my services and the like. It happens that whenever a customer publishes this new record it is necessary to be approved to make it visible I would like to know if there is a possibility that these records will be created as approved automatically. Thus, there is no need for a Community Administrator to approve the record "topic accomplished" by the prospective client. For besides being very annoying the approval my clients have questioned that.
  11. Yes, it would be very interesting. And it would also help with the blocking that PayPal does on balances received for transactions carried out by my customers. This situation is somewhat complicated. It would also help in cases of disputes and or similar.
  12. The idea would be to provide a way for our customers to download their respective invoices for organization purposes. Some of my clients have been asking me for this a way to be able to attach and or download: PDF all their respective transaction history. I didn't find anything in the marketplace that could be useful in this way.
    Por algum motivo não funciona as traduções do aplicativo de Pages.
  13. Can anyone tell me how the IPS update schedule is done? I mean is there a specific schedule? Or are updates published as development is completed?
  14. Hello community, I would like to know how I can add new fields to my registration, I am looking to do a small analysis of who is accessing my community and what made him search for it. In this case I would like to create a select with some values like for example? How did you find us? Google Facebook E-mail marketing Forums Others What kind of project are you looking for? Online games Development Services Customization for games RPG FPS Other needs This information should be sent to my database so that I can analyze the best options for engagement or even to attract new customers to my business. Thanks in advance 🥰
    Excellent very elegant theme thanks for the beautiful work.
  15. How are updates downloaded and installed?
  16. It would also be interesting to bring an advanced footer to the standard theme. I myself love the standard theme and end up buying new themes due to the different footer and some other features that could be present in the standard theme.
  17. Can you send me the URL to download the converter?
  18. I am running the beta. In the other community the version is 4.4x
  19. Hello guys, I would like to know if anyone can help me with this. I was previously using a 4.4x version available on the internet for testing purposes, however during these tests I had a lot of access in our community, I would like to know what is the best option to migrate the list of members to the new structure. I tried to delete all core_members and send the core_members from the previous version to MySQL however I noticed that the structure is quite different. Is there any other way to migrate these members?
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