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PHP 7.4 - 8.0

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I am looking to migrate and noted that XMLRPC has been removed from the 8.0 rpm package. is XMLRPC still a requirement of an invision community? If it makes a difference my install has blog, gallery, store and pages. If it is optional, would I need to disable any settings or remove anything?



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41 minutes ago, Stuart Silvester said:

We haven't used XMLRPC since version 3.4. it's a very old thing.

Its Been A Long Time Reaction GIF

Hey....  I resemble that remark!  I remember when 3.4 was the new hawtness.  

Picture it...  Sicilly...  2012....  

golden girls sophia GIF by HULU

  • The UK had informed the WHO of a novel coronavirus case originating out of Saudi Arabia (what would later be known as MERS).
  • The largest Atlantic hurricane on record at the time, Hurricane Sandy, devastated the east coast of the US.
  • Vladimir Putin was elected as President of Russia and Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the US.  

And in a small, quiet town...  @Charles announced the best version of IPB ever made up to date.... version 3.4!

Ahhh...  those were the days!

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I was planning to change from php PHP Version 7.2.34   (running now)  to  8,

to upgrade to the latest invisiion version,  but this wont be possible now according to my serveradmin since they havent concluded their works yet for all their servers to have php8. 

they will however to to 7.4 immediately if i tell them, since that is already in their systems/servers. 


I am currently running (own server) as said the  PHP Version 7.2.34

Invision Community v4.3.6 one domain   and    

the other

 Invision Community v4.4.2 


will they be ok at php 7.4 ? 

thank you very much in advance

(should they use above checker for something?)

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