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I don't know where to post a problem with this forum...

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On 6/23/2021 at 3:51 AM, NoSpy said:

I don't know where to post a problem with this forum in terms of posting.



Someone should go in and change that topic since it has been resolved anyway. It confuses people to see this, so maybe we can summon the Almighty @Jordan Invision to help?


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5 hours ago, NoSpy said:

The problem is not solved

As explained in the linked topic, there is nothing to solve. Today’s text rendering can stack diacritical marks, which is required for certain languages. So what you are seeing is technically “working as intended”. It’s not a bug. People put this text there to achieve exactly the effect you are seeing. The technique of stacking diacritical marks can be misused wherever there is a text input field (as demonstrated above), but that’s best dealt with through moderation (e.g. hiding the posts). 


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