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When will you fix the fluid view ?


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I liked the fluid modal filter plugin someone developed and then pulled and is no longer available. Members like the fluid view, but the sidebar is a mess. Would be nice if there was a way to disable sidebar blocks if using fluid view or incorporate the following to be able to hide blocks and elements in fluid view only:


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On 7/23/2018 at 8:32 AM, bfarber said:

We have some ideas to improve forum selection with fluid view in a future release.

If I could make a suggestion....

If you click on a forum, while in fluid view, don't update the fluid view filter causing you to lose all your previous forum selection settings. Can you instead redirect to that specific forum and jump out of fluid view?  Or just not update the fluid view filter?

Just because I want to see what topics are in say IPS Development Gateway right now doesn't mean I want to have to reset / reselect all of the forums I want to see in fluid view on a daily basis.

Sure, I can click forum view, then select the IPS Development Gateway, but that's not as intuitive.

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