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  1. Yeah, it is all fixed, as far as i can tell. 👍 Thanks, i appreciate it.
  2. Had one plugin installed, disabled it, no effect, and no custom css, but the problem isn't capital copyright text now, it's the notches on the sides of the bar above where all that is (see my screenshot below) It only happens with the dark palette selected and with the extra footer disabled. Try that and see if you can reproduce the problem.
  3. I've made no changes to the templates, i just tried a fresh copy of the theme and added it separate from my customized version, with no changes to any of the settings besides disabling the extra footer and clicking palette and changing it to dark, then the issue is there, even with a fresh copy of the theme.
  4. I think for one thing, starting out you might not want to show guests how few members and such you have, it's tough enough trying to get a forum to take off, and seeing that information as a guest or perhaps as a new member, might be enough to turn people off from your forums, but at the same time, as you you grow and to established members and staff, that information is helpful to see, it really shouldn't be all or nothing. There are probably other reasons too, but that is what comes to mind.
  5. Just checked, it only does it when the Extra Footer is disabled. If i enable the extra footer its fine but i rather have the extra footer disabled. I don't have my site live at the moment so i don't have a link you can go to right now.
  6. Ok, thank's that's fixed, GIFs icon and the footer other than one thing, there are still notches here, that weren't there originally.
  7. I have the extra footer disabled, so I'll just post what it looked like before the update and then after the update. Before: After: Also, i re-downloaded and applied the theme update you just mentioned and that update didn't seem to fix the GIFs icon.
  8. Thanks,, but another bug happened when i updated, the GIFs button (its there if you enable the Giphy "enhancement" in the admin panel) well, now it is either gone or all dark and you can't see it. I circled where it should be in my screenshot. It was showing up correctly before this update. Also, The Copyright / Theme changer area has changed too, Its all in caps now and bold, and appears broken, not sure if that was intentional, but it looked better like it was originally, but maybe it's a bug.
  9. Similarly to how you can change permissions for the Online User List so it can only be viewed by certain groups and be hidden for guests for instance, You should be able to have a similar permission setting for both the Member Statistics and Forum Statistics blocks so you can show those to only the groups you want to, So, I'd like to request that feature be added in the future.
  10. Yeah, i noticed that for the online list, i guess i assumed the stats had a way to be hid to certain groups too. Would be a nice feature to have in the future, but for now a plugin would be helpful.
  11. Is there a way to show the member and forum statistics blocks to only certain groups, for instance keep them hidden for guests?
  12. Here is a screenshot. Edit: My apologizes for the double post.
  13. I noticed a bug in the theme's editor, unless i'm missing something, the spoiler icon in the editor is a different color than the other buttons and appears grey and the rest of the buttons are white like they should be (when using the dark version of the theme at least), how can i fix this without losing all the customizations made to the theme? Thanks.
  14. Doh! I don't know how i overlooked that. Thanks @Steph40
  15. probably a dumb question but how do you change to the dark version of the theme?
  16. Thanks for clarifying. Ah, So the latest IPS update caused that, wasn't sure if it was just something overlooked or what. I just figured it would be best to mention it, Though, Behemoth theme was one of the themes i tried on there, that had that issue however.
  17. Ok, No problem, because i was looking to maybe buy one of your themes, and looking at the demo site, everything is decked out in snow / Christmas decorations, while i do like having the option, i assume it can be turned off. So i was hoping to get a look at the themes with that turned off too. But I did notice a bug on the demo site though, in the editor, a couple of the icons seemed to be swapped, I noticed that Quote is using the spoiler icon and Preview is using the quote icon.
  18. @TAMAN While this isn't theme specific, i figured i'd mention this, to bring it to your attention, i have been trying to look at screenshots of all your themes on the marketplace here, and all the ones i clicked on were broken and don't show the screenshot when I click on them.
  19. Agreed, that really does seem like the best way to do it.
  20. Can members comment on posted videos with this plugin? If not, i would like to request that as a feature, along with the option to add a video description to posted videos. Thanks
  21. Nice! Will the separate app be able to work both ways with full integration, for instance will there be a way to have messages posted by users on discord in certain channels be posted to certain topics / forums on the forums and likewise be able to be setup where replies and topics and such on the forums get posted to the correct discord channels?
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