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Digest and new content mailing $$


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On 14/07/2016 at 5:03 AM, EricT said:

is there someone to make such a plugin ?  Please tell me the price to do it 

I think you only need to edit the email template. Example:

{$email->parseTextForEmail( $content->content(), $email->language )|raw}

I see some $content->truncated() accross the suite but I'm not sure will work. Make a test on your install, changing content for truncated.

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Thank you Adriano !

But I can't find the right email template (for example, when a user receive a reply to his post). I tried :

Forum > Content Item Digests
System > New content
and a few others one, but the email i receive is still the same.

Do you witch template it could be ? :cry:


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On 15/07/2016 at 2:51 PM, Adriano Faria said:

I think you only need to edit the email template. Example:

{$email->parseTextForEmail( $content->content(), $email->language )|raw}

I see some $content->truncated() accross the suite but I'm not sure will work. Make a test on your install, changing content for truncated.

Could you help me to find the right template ? (for example the one when someone reply to a topic)

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This is the second time I received this email from sparkphost : 



Your SparkPost account has been terminated due to violation of our Messaging Policy and Terms of Use. You may find our policies here: http://www.sparkpost.com/policies 

If you wish to appeal, please respond to this email (leaving the subject line intact) describing your opt-in practices and content and our abuse team will review your account.  If you do not receive a response within 2 business days, please contact our support team here for an escalation:


The SparkPost Compliance Team

Only because a user sent a PM to another user with a link to his website.
His website is hosted by this provider : esy[dot]es
This one of the reason I would like to make a teaser instead of the whole content and if possible remove external links

I am not sure this time they will accept to unsuspend my account.

Their policy are silly, because it is very easy to suspend account for any community : only send a post with a link sparkpost doesn't like.... :ph34r:



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I know this newsletter app and I think I will use it

But what I am talking about is IPS emails. For example, when a member is following a topic, if the topic receive a reply, this member will receive an email.

In this email, there is ALL the new content. So this member doesn't need to go to the site to read the content.

So : less visits, less pages views, less activity, less adverts revenue etc...

What I would like is to keep sending this kind of email. But instead of put ALL new content in the email, I would like to put ONLY a teaser with a "Read more" link to the site.


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Possibly quite easy - don't have any content to test with, but maybe try editing the email template for whatever digest it is that you want to modify.....example (and this is untested):

ACP -> Customization -> Emails

Edit the "Content Comment Digests" template for "Forum"


{$email->parseTextForEmail( $comment->content(), $email->language )|raw}


{truncate="$email->parseTextForEmail( $comment->content(), $email->language)" length="250"}

See if that works for the truncation element of your requirement.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have just tested it, but there is no change : 
I did the change on the template
Then I created a fake member
I created a content on my forum test with my account and follow set to on
The fake user reply to my content
I received the mail properly, but with the full content (about 50 full lines)

So I delete this line on the template

{$email->parseTextForEmail( $comment->content(), $email->language )|raw}

But the full content is still in the mail.

Before each test I deleted cache (ACP > Support > Something isn't working correctly > Continue), but it didn't resolve the problem

Maybe it is not the right template ? But there is only another one about forums, and it seems to be for other kind of content


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