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Database in Club: custom permission for default category

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I have created a database that should be used only in clubs as a feature. There should not be entries that do not belong to the clubs.

But there is a default category, created with the database automatically. And I cannot delete this category. 

I have checked Set Custom Permissions on the category. But I am unable to set custom permissions even after I have checked it. This is what I miss:

Could contain: Text, Page

This entry is not shown for the default category in the database, marked as used in clubs.

The goal is: do not allow creating database entries outside clubs features. How to achieve it?

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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Sorry, Im a little confused. If you have only one category, then there is only one set of permission to use, which are the ones on the main database

This is correct. I have one category that I do not need. This category was created automatically, and I cannot delete it. No entries should be added to this category. This database is only for club features. 😉 The entries should be added only from inside the clubs.

If I remove Add permission for the database, then entries cannot be added from the clubs as well. If I allow Add permission for the database, the entries can also be added to this default category. The desired behavior is:

  • Allow adding entries if there is a club feature.
  • Do not allow adding entries to the default category that does not belong to any club.

I hope, it is clear now. 😉

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Yeah, that was my number one use-case for databases in clubs as well. 

I would have expected that this can easily be solved by turning on custom category permissions and then changing them to disallow posting outside the clubs. But for some reason, the setting is there, but with clubs activated, custom permissions for the default category outside the clubs aren’t available anymore. 


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