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Hi again

So i check all settings and noticed that i can set in acp only one fixed member id (topic starter announcement) 

so privacy settings won't worked. Cause topic will be started always from the 1 same member, but not from an original user.

I think if user created contact us form, new topic on forum should be pasted under his username, than privacy settings will worked. Otherwise no.

But anyways better to create ticket system. Like it will be conversations in this module, so new topics won't be created. Just inside contact us system. Registered user will see pending requests, answered or closed status. So he can feel free to answer there or add something which he missed. Administartion or mods will receive pending requests and answer there.


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How would I create a link to a specific department, Adriano?

What I mean is that I have the standard menu item which leads to /contactus. Then the user has to choose the department.

What I'd like to do in one particular case, though, is put a link on the page to a specific department, so that the user doesn't have to select the appropriate one. If the department id=3, what would my link look like?

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There are two things I have in mind:

1) I would prefer to use a FURL: site.com/request-an-interview

2) Even if I can't have that, I don't want index.php? to be in the URL.


I tried this:


but it's not working.

Your link works fine but contains index.php?, which I don't want to have visible. I have the redirect in place in the ACP, so index.php? doesn't appear anywhere else. However, if I try site.com/contactus/&cjcontact_departments_departments=3 (no index.php?), then it 404s.

Any ideas?

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On 6/11/2017 at 10:41 PM, Genestoy said:

I would use the default form but I need it to be on the top nav bar and I can't see any way to do that. Does not work the same as the default when placed there using the menu manager.

Create a new menu item in your Menu Manager, choose External Link, and then provide yoursite.com/contact as the URL.

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