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  1. did you stop create themes ??


  2. Hello @Patrick Ernzer, Thanks for quoting me on this topic of my Game On theme. The best bet for this is to shrink the logo a lot more so it will look clean and not causing problems with the nav, search, and user nav. Add this CSS code to your custom.css file on the "CSS" tab when you editing the theme: /* Logo */ #elLogo img { max-width: 300px; } /* Nav & User nav */ #ipsLayout_header nav, #elUserNav.cSignedOut { margin-top: 30px; } You can change '300' to your own requirement that fits your community. I've also put margin-top to make the nav and user nav aligned with the logo. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  3. The user link menu items will be inside the UL tag.
  4. Version


    Up – is a beautiful, modern theme that has our newest framework that contains more features. Up has a toggle sidebar and dark mode when you modify the light areas to dark. View Theme Clean code UI/UX design Theme features Dark/Light mode Custom theme colors Much more! Framework Up Body Footer Forums Google Fonts Guest Message Sidebar Site Title Typography & Blocks Attention: This is the newest theme that's built with the latest framework. We'll be continually updating and putting new features out for this theme. Credit(s) The body background goes to Wojciech Dobry. No changes were made. Stay Up-To-Date with ThemeTree Twitter | Dribbble | Contact Us
  5. I made an example when you install Spirit 2 on your community. https://demo.themetree.net/spirit/ By default, this is how it is, but wants you purchase it, you can put your own section blocks and even customized the header to inherit your theme.
  6. Add this CSS code to your custom CSS file: #elProfileHeader .ipsCoverPhoto_container:not( [style] ) { display: none; } However, this should be done by a plugin because when you load the profile when someone has an image, it's still gonna load the image.
  7. What's New in Version 2.0.0 Updated Spirit to 2
  8. This month or next month (March). In Spirit 2, the settings are more improved and we cleaned out the unnecessary settings we didn't need for 2. To answer your question, yes, but it's worth it. When you upgrade, some of your settings will be wipe out, but in the long run, you can test out the new settings we added and do more with your homepage that you couldn't achieve with 1. If you've any questions or anything relating to Spirit, please don't hesitate to reply here or send us an email: admin@themetree.net.
  9. Spirit just got a whole new makeover! Introducing Spirit 2: Note: When you install 2, the sections will fallback to default when there's no custom sections (as shown on the screenshot). This is to show you on what's possible with Spirit. New Changes: Custom Block Setup Fluid sections Lots of improvements to the settings When secondary navigation is enabled, the navigation will convert into dropdown items. And much more! More will be coming soon. We don't want to spill the beans just yet. If you've feedback or questions to Spirit, please don't be shy to ask below. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  10. Guess what? A new whole version is coming soon to Spirit! It's called "Spirit 2". We're still supporting version 1 if people are still using it on their website. Spirit 2, is a lightweight and customizable HTML startup template from the ground up. Built primary on IPS software and Twitter Bootstrap 4. Spirit 2 also comes with features that you'll absolutely love for your new homepage. Features IPS Framework Twitter Bootstrap 4 Fully Responsive Layout Customizable Settings Well Documented More details and information will be release this weekend or next week. Not sure yet, because we're still implementing code, testing, bugging, etc. If you've any questions about Spirit or to the new version, please don't hesitate to ask here or give me a pm. Sincerely, ThemeTree
  11. Hello,

    All of our themes will get updated to 4.4 as soon as they release the official version. This means, we're in theme development mode when 4.4 gets release and themes will slowly (depending on the theme resources) process out to the ThemeTree store and IPS marketplace.

    If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a message here or by email.



  12. How would I go about this on my plugin? Nevermind, I got it.
  13. I created the plugin and extended the class, \IPS\core\modules\front\system\theme and named the filename to "theme". But, when I go to the URL, it doesn't do anything besides redirecting the site to the root. Is this the URL: /site/index.php?/theme/&id=4? PS: I wrap the code inside the manage() method.
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