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  1. can i edit the pictures to any product i want?
  2. Now can you upload multiple images here or no? Now what I want a diffrent picture for each post. So say I run a game forum, Now I post a topic about fortnite I want a image of fortnite. Then I post another topic about Mortal Kombat, I wanna a picture of Mortal Kombat.
  3. so when I make a topic on my forum, I share the URL to the Topic to my community's FB page. When I do that the Social Card on FB only shows the Favicon image I provided in the ADMIN CP. How do I put a diffrent feature image on the link that I shared on the FB page?. Instead of the Favicon showing up everytime, I want a image related to the topic to show up and be clickable.
  4. @OliverKapunkt So is there a way in the Admin CP, to Make it a special image? Like what I showed in my Screenshot.
  5. @OliverKapunkt Any idea where I can find it?
  6. You really could of just PM for that, I wasn't sure of the wording and what i was really looking for. No need to reply like that. This is peer to peer Tech Support right? I have a hard time asking for help, I also have big time social anxiety so sometimes its hard to word things for me. But i guess people like you don't take it into thought. My fault for wording'a topic wrong, I'am very brand new to running a forum & slowly learning how things work.. Makes me not even wanna ask for help anymore here. It was a Legit question. Who pissed in your cornflakes?
  7. So i want to put an image where people can choose what forum it belongs to, I run a gaming forum, so example i want to put a little icon that says N64 or PS for PlayStation. Image provided for a reference on how i want it.
  8. I want them to be moved where it says blogs,Gallery and the rest of the tabs are at above the logo.
  9. so im having issues with my logo, i installed but if you look to the right of the logo, the "browse" & "More" tab are on the right of, its there a way to move those tabs? if so...How? http://www.thegamerzcentral.com <---LINK TO FORUM TO SEE
  10. https://www.thegamerzcentral.com
  11. its not working, I dont know what i did wrong. Im so new to this.
  12. Curious on how to center a logo in my forum. its on the left side, but i want to center the logo. how do i do that?
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