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  1. Now can you upload multiple images here or no? Now what I want a diffrent picture for each post. So say I run a game forum, Now I post a topic about fortnite I want a image of fortnite. Then I post another topic about Mortal Kombat, I wanna a picture of Mortal Kombat.
  2. Great Question, We are brand new, As well as Me as a Owner and Admin. I'm aware there's an Abundance of gaming forums. Our community is different our members, We're pretty laid back. We're working on a Store merch, Slowly, Other things are tucked away and bugs are getting ironed out. Problem is I'm very new and hesitant to bring things out. I don't have enough members yet to agree or disagree what to have. Were just a very cool gaming community. We do reviews tech reviews, game reviews, movie reviews, Im more based on what my community wants not what I want, all I want is a thriving community
  3. I know this is not a normal post. I want to give a certain member of this community a shout out who has actually walk me threw on how to handle things as Admin. He taught me a lot about SEO and how to use it ,specially me being very very new to this. He came over to my forum and improved and helped me do a bunch of things. he took time out of his own to help me and he didn't have to. I wanna give @Dean_ much respect you man & thank you for everything buddy.
  4. Gaming forum I been working on, Im looking for people to help me with it. Ideas, feedback anything can help. http://Http:www.thegamerzcentral.com
  5. Yeah, Its effected me. I work for DOL, I'm the Security Supervisor for a JobCorps Site, All of our students went home 3-17-2020. My team and I been doing nothing. Its just boring, I'm very blessed to be working and people who work here are blessed working from home. I miss the students. Sleeping has been horrible lately because I don't come home tired anymore, I been up until like 6am everyday lately for the last 2 weeks. I cant wait until this goes away.
  6. Searching far and wide!!

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