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Download: (Pav33) Topic Description


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In the New Content is a little space, so I do not know where to put the description.
You could try to find a good location.
Goto ACP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Skin Sets & Templates > Manage Templates > Your Skin and open Search -> asForumTopics bit.
Find topic title:

		<h4><a href='{parse url="showtopic={$data['tid']}<if test="isNewPostTR:|:$this->request['do']=='new_posts' OR $this->request['do']=='active'">&amp;view=getnewpost<else /><if test="resultIsPostTR:|:$data['pid'] AND $data['pid'] != $data['topic_firstpost']">&amp;view=findpost&amp;p={$data['pid']}</if></if>&amp;hl={$data['cleanSearchTerm']}&amp;fromsearch=1" seotitle="{$data['title_seo']}" template="showtopic" base="public"}' title='{$this->lang->words['view_result']}'>{$data['_shortTitle']}</a></h4>[/CODE]

and add somewhere topic description:


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The only issue I have is that when I go into the full editor mode, the description field is blank. If you save without editing, the description is unchanged, however it would be convenient to have a default input of the current description when in full editor mode just as the topic title is done.

I am using IPB v. 3.2.3 with your latest hook (1.0.2)

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I've installed Topic Description v.1.0.0 on my IPB 3.2.3. and it works good.

1- I've only imported the hook file (Step1 of the installation)... just now I see Step2 (ACP Setup) and Step3 (Skin edits) in the installation guide. I have to do these steps? Now it seems work properly...

2- With this hook enabled I have problems with IP.Board.Mobile Skin... exactly if I try to click on "modify" or "Quote" button in each post that function doesn't work. How can I fix it?

Thank you very much.

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