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    If you are looking for a chat app, this is the one to get. It is better than The Jackal's app in every way possible. It just works like it should and my members are very happy to have something good in place. I literally disabled The Jackal's app and went without chat for a while before finding this one.
    Terrible. Causes people double post, users don't like how they have to press a key combination or click send in the chat, and it also impacted the performance of my site. The developer has been completely unresponsive after my purchase.
  1. Fellow Vol stater and Vol fan checking in. I use IPB for my Titans site, though.
  2. Still working towards this? My members really loved it and still ask about it.
  3. How close are we to a release? I will happily purchase it again.
  4. Disappointing, but totally understandable. Will these new features roll into the existing IPBWI offerings or be exclusive to the project initiator?
  5. Just to make it clear: you've made such a wonderful job with your theme and optimization of your IPS suite and I don't know a way right now to further improve that without breaking update compatibility, but I see there is a lot improvements required from IPS or by an application if possible, to allow maximizing Google pagespeed score. As this totally affects the search engine ranking, I see a high need for that and I hope I'll get time in future to solve this via update-save application or theme or both. This was a feature in IPBWI for WordPress v3 and I plan to re-develop and release that as extension for v4 this Fall or Winter. Any update on these features? If not, any exciting new thing with IPB and WP that you're working on?
    Great mod. Works as advertised. I had to do a little with the CSS because it had a left negative margin which didn't work with my theme but it was an easy adaptation.
  6. Does this work on a per topic basis yet? That's my only hang-up.
  7. @Midnight Modding Hoping you haven't given up on this. I'd even take a scaled down version. People on my board really love this app.
  8. How easily could this be adapted to American football? At a high level, what would it take? How clunky or polished would the end result be? Can things like "fixtures" be renamed to "schedule"?
  9. I think it was the fact that I was on a VPN for work.
  10. I've purchased and paid for it but it is waiting on "approval from staff". I've never seen that before. Seems odd. I just cancelled the invoice and repurchased. Worked that time. Interesting. This had nothing to do with you, Taman. Just an odd thing that happened. Likely because I was on a VPN at work.
  11. Is there not a way to automatically hide posts below a certain reputation level? Like if one gets -5 can we not hide it the same way one with +5 is highlighted?
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