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  1. Well, you did a fantastic job. I've been using IPS for ten years and this is my favorite theme.
  2. No worries. I just changed the behavior of the picker to change themes and created a theme for each palette. It's just better for people who post on their computer and mobile devices. Another thing I did was change the order of the color variables to alphabetical so it's easier to edit. Might be something to add to the next update.
  3. @TAMAN Beautiful theme and it's been easy to customize. I know that the Palette settings seem to save with a cookie. Is there a way to have them save to a user preference table or something so it will persist across any device the user logs into?
  4. Replying to my own post and not deleting it in case it helps someone else: I figured out what it was that was preventing me from updating. I had the maximum PHP upload size set too low. You will need to increase the maximum size for it to work. How you do this will depend on your set-up. If you have cPanel it will be in your PHP settings, possibly under versions > options. If you can't make these changes on your own you may have to ask your host to do it for you. If you are on a dedicated server or manage your own you likely already know how to do this.
  5. I tried to update the theme from the ACP. However, when I did it I got an error. After trying it a few times I decided to delete the theme and do a fresh install. However, it does not give an option to add it back.
  6. I would also like to add that quotes from ignored users should also be ignored.
  7. @Nathan Explosion Really hoping you can get this one back on the marketplace. It has been requested quite a bit by my users.
    Top-notch add-on to your community.
    If you are looking for a chat app, this is the one to get. It is better than The Jackal's app in every way possible. It just works like it should and my members are very happy to have something good in place. I literally disabled The Jackal's app and went without chat for a while before finding this one.
    Terrible. Causes people double post, users don't like how they have to press a key combination or click send in the chat, and it also impacted the performance of my site. The developer has been completely unresponsive after my purchase.
  8. Thank you for this and for sharing it. It's an extremely useful application.
  9. Fellow Vol stater and Vol fan checking in. I use IPB for my Titans site, though.
  10. Also, for people who might read this and have come from way back and through many upgrades, mine was in x_utf_ipb_core_reputation_index. I assume it's because I went through some upgrades and unicode transformations, but someone correct me if I am wrong on that.
  11. Awesome, please let me know what you find. I am digging as well.
  12. I am trying to generate some analytics about which reactions are used and which I can prune. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this in the admin panel, so I was going to see where it was stored in the database and count the usage that way. Basically I am trying to see how many total times each individual reaction was used. So, where in the database does it store the reputation given and its type when someone reacts to a post?
  13. Still working towards this? My members really loved it and still ask about it.
  14. How close are we to a release? I will happily purchase it again.
    Great mod. Works as advertised. I had to do a little with the CSS because it had a left negative margin which didn't work with my theme but it was an easy adaptation.
  15. Does this work on a per topic basis yet? That's my only hang-up.
  16. @Midnight Modding Hoping you haven't given up on this. I'd even take a scaled down version. People on my board really love this app.
  17. How easily could this be adapted to American football? At a high level, what would it take? How clunky or polished would the end result be? Can things like "fixtures" be renamed to "schedule"?
  18. I think it was the fact that I was on a VPN for work.
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