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  1. Over the years I've had a CMS(Pages) block that generates a JPG of last 40 avatars posting to site. I've used a PHP block that regenerates based on the age of the saved temporary file as it involves a lot of fetching of avatar files each time it runs. Originally I could also have set the cache time of the block really long and just rerun, but no longer... The file was generated using PHP GD as imagejpeg($destimg,filepath); All this on hosted services. Years ago there was access to the directory structure and I just picked a place for the temp file. Then I had to change to using a file in "uploads" directory as hosted no longer had access to the directories. Recently this too has broken I suspect because of hosting's move to s3 storage for files. So.... Anyone know how I can write and read a temporary file on the current version of software (hosted) from a Pages PHP block ? Thanks
  2. @TheWorldNewsMedia.org I just upgraded to 4.5.4 and now on the cloud you can turn it off.
  3. For you: It takes a bit to get the categories, fields, templates and page sorted. If you don't do a lot of customization and just use the standard templates once you get that sorted it is fairly easy. There might be decent guides now, there were none when I started using the database. For your users, pretty easy: Just standard type fields to fill in.
  4. Pages is certainly the way to go if you can wade thru it. We have a recipe database with categories that also posts to a forum when a recipe is added. When you click on recipe we also have option to generate a print page of just the recipe info without all the headers, pagers and controls: Then on our social forum we also have a custom block showing a random recipe that has a picture at bottom of page:
  5. If the 10 post count is for anywhere on your board then I've always done that with member groups. Members start off as "Junior Member" and after 10 posts they get promoted to Member. Then in some forums I do not allow Junior Members to "start new topics" in the permissions.
  6. Plugins are not always available for what you need done or updated quickly. If you code your own (cloud users don't have that option anymore) you still have to spend time developing it and maintaining it. For cloud users you can't test plugins on a demo cloud site, so you have to go live and see what happens after each upgrade. A reasonable number of template edits seems no worse than a similar number of plugins to deal with. You are told if there is a difference directly and can quickly fix only those that need it. I use my own template "bits" if more than a single line of code so the edit is simply a single line easy to recognize using a template insert {template=""....}. At one time I rolled my own plugin for template changes, but found maintaining it more difficult than just modifying the templates and had to carry a source license, even though main site is cloud hosted, to keep it up to date.
  7. There is also an issue with the default icons in that you have to have SSL/https: working at least with 4.5.x.
  8. I just upgraded to the new 1.03 version on 4.5. The old version was working after I got to 4.5. The 1.03 version seems to be running something(s) very intensive on the forum page showing all topics. Getting very slow responses to the point of timing out sometimes. Disabled the plugin and things are back to normal. I know for 4.5 you had to split off data from the standard tables to your own. Not sure if somehow reading those is causing the issue as even reading a page worth of topic descriptions with queries should not slow down that much.
  9. Support confirmed forced archival is a new "feature" for cloud hosted sites with no options on what areas to archive. Apparently this is undocumented and set to 3 years (1to5 is range). Claim it is being looked at. Not having advance notice of this change is in pretty poor form. For sites with reference type forums (food, wine, books, travel, technical advice) this is pretty fatal as content over 5 years is no longer searched, and pretty useless. We have low density forums with over 10 years of history and the content there is not time sensitive.
  10. So this is sort of bad if new "feature" as all our forums including reference forums on books and wines are now archived and older posts are no longer searchable. This appears to be some sort of new automatic setting as we would have never archived (no search) these forums.
  11. I had just posted a new thread on this a few hours ago as this one did not turn up in search on "archive". I have exact same issue on the cloud with 4.5.2.
  12. Turns out this is a duplicate of below. When I searched for "archive" it did not find that one as he used word "archived" throughout... sigh. No answer yet in that one either.
  13. I'm on 4.5.2. Interestingly when I looked to see if somehow the html was messed up I found this: <li id="form_header_archive_settings_cloud"> Seems to imply some sort of different settings for the cloud at least in 4.5.2.
  14. I'm needing to turn off archiving. This is supposedly an option and I have seen an image of the page with the option to turn off. But here is my archive page: No where to turn off. I am using the cloud service and have a suspicion they may be forcing this, but I can't find any where on the web or in admin mentioning this. Am I missing something obvious?
  15. I also use minimized quotes and it is great!, but also have this in my custom.css to shrink quoted images/embeds... .ipsQuote_contents img {max-width:300px;} .ipsQuote_contents .ipsEmbeddedVideo {max-width:300px;} .ipsQuote_contents .ipsEmbeddedOther {max-width:300px;} You could certainly use display:none instead of max-width to not display quoted images at all. Also if you want to target just attached images add this to the class ".ipsImage_thumbnailed"
  16. What do you mean by "public profile"? You can use the same type of template code as I gave you for the profile template in the display format block you showed. That display format area is only for the info under the users image in posts.
  17. @Genestoy I'm really not stalking you but try putting this at end of globalTemplate <script> $( document ).ready(function() { if( typeof(CKEDITOR) !== "undefined" ) { CKEDITOR.config.fontSize_sizes = '8/8px; 9/9px; 10/10px; 11/11px; 12/12px; 14/14px; 16/16px; 18/18px; 20/20px;'; } }); </script> You can change available sizes via pattern 8/8px; This will apply to all richtextboxes on front pages of your site.
  18. You can modify template core->front->profile->profile with: {{$fields['core_pfield_2'] = str_replace ('<br>',',',$fields['core_pfield_2']);}} Inserted in before the profile fields loop (search cProfileFields). 2 is the id of the profile field (if you edit profile field you will see id at end of url in browser). The resulting area should look like: <div class='ipsWidget_inner ipsPad'> <ul class='ipsDataList ipsDataList_reducedSpacing cProfileFields'> {{$fields['core_pfield_2'] = str_replace ('<br>',',',$fields['core_pfield_2']);}} {{foreach $fields as $field => $value}} <li class='ipsDataItem ipsType_break'> <span class='ipsDataItem_generic ipsDataItem_size3 ipsType_break'><strong>{lang="$field"}</strong></span> <span class='ipsDataItem_generic'><div class='ipsType_break ipsContained'>{$value|raw}</div></span> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> </div>
  19. It only gets bigger on an ipad or smaller. You can make even bigger if needed by changing '20px'. It really helped on ipad on accuracy of touch and I added to my forum.... If not working then maybe not the topic list for a forum? If you want bigger all the time just drop the first line and the last } but it looks really odd on a desktop.
  20. Something like @media screen and (max-width:1024px) { .cTopicList .ipsItemStatus:not(.ipsItemStatus_large) {font-size: 20px;} } Would make them bigger (they already go to 18px from 14px for <979px wide screen) but on iPad which is 1024px in landscape mode this really helped with touch.
  21. So, sort of unclear what you are looking for. If you are in a Forum with Topic list, hover over the dot at far left you will see link to last unread..., hover over the time of post at far right and you will see link for last post. Not sure if you want to use those links (like &do=getLastComment) elsewhere, or just want to know the way to get to latest post versus last read...
  22. If you don't want to modify and maintain a template adding .ipsComposeArea_dropZone .ipsPos_right {display:none;} to custom.css should work
  23. Did you flush the cache? If so you would have to look into css changes and see if you messed with a width, or other css that breaks responsiveness somehow.
  24. You could try going to the support tab under system, check "something is not working" and then continue. This flushes the caches. I sometimes have to do this after upgrades as themes act strangely. Are you on the default theme?
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