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  1. There is probably a bug in field "Raw PHP code to eval before showing and saving?" IPS decided to change $this->settings into ipsRegistry::$setting and after that function eval() return errors. At this moment you could try to open: admin/sources/base/core.php[/CODE] find: [CODE]$data['conf_evalphp'] = str_replace( '$this->settings', 'ipsRegistry::$settings', $data['conf_evalphp'] ); and change to: //$data['conf_evalphp'] = str_replace( '$this->settings', 'ipsRegistry::$settings', $data['conf_evalphp'] );[/code]
  2. Hook should work. Check the hook settings, Member Groups and Member Permissions.
  3. Tested on 3.3.1 ( http://pavulon.net/pastebin/ ) without problems.
  4. Hook is not changed because it works, but I changed instructions in readme.
  5. Hello Buskopan. Do you enabled the option "Use alternative search"?
  6. Probably if you change: parent::setPostContentPreFormatted( $post['post'] ); to: $this->_internalData['PostContentPreFormatted'] = $post['post'];[/code] then an error will no longer occur, but can occur a new error about "parent::addReply()" which will not be able to get around. I have no idea what else can be done without access to your files/ACP.
  7. Because of some reason there is a problem with class classPostForms(and its method getispreview). classPostForms(admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPostForms.php) is extending classPost(admin/applications/forums/sources/classes/post/classPost.php) and is extended by class p32MentionsClassPost from hook. Any method from classPost and classPostForms should work without problems. But there must be something which breaks everything. You could try to change: parent::getIsPreview()[/CODE] into: [CODE]$this->getIsPreview() or: $this->_internalData['IsPreview'][/code]
  8. Hello Johan81. Did you tried to disable another hooks? This problem has never occurred with this hooks, so it may conflict with another hook.
  9. Sorry, but you can not. This would not be as easy as in the previous editing.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. It is necessary to edit both hooks to work properly. Hook FormatPostersName(or similiar) adds formating to the variable, which contains display name. To make it work correct we have to copy display name to another variable in FormatPostersName hook and use the new variable in the mention template. For example: Open: MM32-FormatPostersName.xml(before install) or hooks/mmformatPostersName.php(after install) Find: $post['author']['members_display_name'] = IPSMember::makeNameFormatted($post['author']['members_display_name'], $post['author']['member_group_id']); Add before: $post['author']['members_display_name2'] = $post['author']['members_display_name']; Go to: ACP -> Look & Feel -> Manage Skin Sets & Templates -> Skin -> Topic View -> mentionsLink Find: $author['members_display_name'] Change to: $author['members_display_name2'][/code]
  11. *Salvo*, maybe you have installed the hook, which formats the user name in the topic view?
  12. Yes. This is recommended method to upgrade.
  13. Affirmative. This should be fixed too. Just download hook one more time.
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