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  1. Love this app! Would be awesome to have shop items that worked with Pages, too. Things like: - Feature article for X days (auto un-feature) - Update field (bypass normal field permissions to allow members to buy extra information slots, etc, allow editing for a specific time period/once only/etc)
  2. Hey @Adriano Faria! Been using this for a while now, and love it. Wondering if it's possible to allow members to update both primary and secondary groups using this app? I'd like to let my members choose what primary group they want, but also to select their secondaries through their account settings.
  3. @SoftwareFactory -- this app is amazing. Love what I can do with it so far, and can confirm that the notifications also work for CodingJungle's Babble Chat service, which is excellent. Some ideas for the future... Ability to mix basic and embed style messages. I like the look of the embed links, but would also like to customise it a bit more, and include @ group tags. I don't know how the system compiles the message for Discord, but maybe two fields, one for the title/message (eg. author has posted in topic) and then another field for embed url? So you get a bit of custom text using basic, and then the embed below it. Ability to check for tags/prefixes on content. A condition that looks for any/all of the supplied tags before it sends the notification through to Discord.Or, only sends the notification through if it does not have a particular tag. Useful for situations where you might want a direct notification but only for threads in a particular container that are tagged with "support". Ability to check author member group. Instead of adding all my admins to the "check for author", would be very useful to have a way to send alerts for content posted by only x group in y forum. Set application to not syncronise roles. I really need this, and the ability to turn it off would be awesome. I really just want the epic notifications support. XD
  4. Hey there Trying to update to 1.4.6 Full, to fix the status updates issue. But file is not available for purchase in marketplace? Is there somewhere else I should be getting it, @Kevin Carwile?
  5. Hey there! Just curious as to whether this is compatible with 4.4, as it's not available for download on the Marketplace?
  6. Hey all! Wondering if anyone else has come across this/solved it since upgrading to 4.4! Whenever status updates are posted, the new update appears with the username, time of post, and replies can be posted---but the actual content doesn't display. It's just an empty div. This happens when creating the status update from the create menu, the user profile, and the recent status updates block. It occurs on all themes, including the default theme with no modifications. Status updates made prior to the upgrade to 4.4 still display as normal. Any ideas?
  7. Mousie

    TDB Posts (41x)

    Hey @TDBF! Love this mod. Way better than the stock topic feed! Some things I would love to see in a future version: Exclude forums to pull topics from (for when you've only got a small number of forums you don't want to appear in the result, and a LOT that you do!) List topics containing a particular tag (for when the tag is more important than the forum container) List topics with less than X replies (for singling out topics that haven't had enough love yet) Thanks for your awesome work so far!
  8. That's what I'm asking: how would I structure that PHP code?
  9. I understand that, but I don't want it to count only topics, I want it to count the posts within the topics... or does bulk processing Topics already iterate through the individual posts?
  10. Awesome. How would I instruct it to look through every comment and identify the authors per comment? What I want to do is for posts in particular forums to be worth a particular point value, which is easy to do going forward using Topic Comment Posted/Check for Forums/Increment custom data field. It's getting the posts up until now to count that I'm going to have trouble with. Say if Forum A allocates 2 points per post, and Forum B allocates 1, a topic in Forum A where Member X posts 5 times would allocate 10 points to the custom data field.
  11. Another question. Would like to bulk-process all topic comments to calculate some data fields to back-date some awards. I need it to: Evaluate all posts made on the forums IF post is in X, Y, Z forum Increment CustomDataField count +1 Sounds simple in theory, except there's no Topic\Comment object available to bulk process. Content\Comment doesn't seem to allow bulk processing in manual scheduling. I can bulk process Topic\Item, but how do I drill down into each Topic\Comment contained within to count them? Tearing my hair out with this one haha.
  12. Some possible feature additions for @Kevin Carwile Custom data fields: - Ability to create data field groups, and have them appear under that heading when a new object of that type is created (eg. all custom profile fields for a member object relating to Interests would appear under that "Interests" header when entering profile field information) - Ability to choose member groups that can fill out particular fields, and what member groups those fields will display for.
  13. Seconding this. Drag & drop reordering would be amazing. And this too. For things like site news, etc, it'd be nice to have that just automatically go to social media. Maybe a "Promote Options" box in the post view? (similar to the Moderator Options box). That way users that have the ability and permissions to promote content can do so in one step, rather than two -- plus giving content creators the ability to control how it appears on social media that a straight-to-social solution might not offer. Also, a "Suggest Promotion" button for general users to suggest content they found useful. Create a queue that members can submit to, users with promotion permissions can review and add/reject.
  14. I did @Fosters, I just have to do it again after the updates. XD And then work out how to do it again because my tiny woman brain forgets between versions (the horror of a regularly updated and supported mod! How dare! -- kidding, you're great) Settings sounds very good to me!
  15. I could live with settings, @Fosters XD Could do as a minimal view/detailed view -- have a setting that switches the two templates? Anyone who wants more complicated can edit the template themselves. XD
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