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  1. Ok, so what about trial periods? Have the user purchase with a card or paypal and give them up to however many days to cancel before the transaction is made?
  2. So with the lack of response I'm guessing you can't disable the quick reply ajax? At the very least I'm just wanting to make the banner ads count as a refresh when posting.
  3. I know this feature has been around since 3.x but how do you disable it in 4.x? I've disabled the AJAX pagination from the theme settings but wondering how to disable it when posting.
  4. This. I had a custom script in v3.x that allowed me to do this but after upgrading I hoped this would now be an option. But of course, no. I'm really tempted now to pull this part of my site out of Invision's software into a Wordpress CMS so I can get a decent plug-in that'll allow me to do this in addition to TRIAL PERIODS!! Very surprised that feature is not built in yet.
  5. Only thing that helps is to add the "undo" button to the editor. It clears the quote box prior to writing your message. If you want to type before it, clear it, write your text and click the quote button on the message you're quoting.
  6. I gave in and got the mod. IPS should have this built into the software.
  7. In 3.x and below, we could simply use overriding permission masks to bar certain members from a forum or forums. In 4.x the permission masks are gone and while you can set permissions with groups, the primary group permissions always govern. I cannot use secondary groups and we DO NOT want to alter the primary group. What other options are there other than purchasing the Ban from Forums mod??
  8. I was really hopeful to see this ability added to Commerce after upgrading from Nexus but, alas, no trial period setting for subscriptions packages. Big bummer there.
  9. Just started our donation drive and find that the secondary group promotion does not work. Just installed 3.0.1 on a new upgrade to 3.2.3 a few days ago. The transactions are fine and show up on the donation list, just no group promotion.
  10. The only issue I have is that when I go into the full editor mode, the description field is blank. If you save without editing, the description is unchanged, however it would be convenient to have a default input of the current description when in full editor mode just as the topic title is done. I am using IPB v. 3.2.3 with your latest hook (1.0.2)
  11. I am logged in as admin, added my license code, and when I click "create new skin set" it takes me to the add new set page rather than the lightbox with the 2 options.
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