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    Fierce God reacted to Matt in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    For push notifications on iPhone, you need an app downloadable from the App Store. There's no way to push notifications to iPhones in any other way.
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    Fierce God reacted to Jack M in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    +1000.  I have a community for enthusiasts of a specific sport.  My community competes for participation and attention against a Facebook group for the same sport.  The Facebook group is crushing my community for daily interactions and up-to-the-minute breaking news type posts.  I think this is due to 2 big things, among others: 1, people are on FB all the time anyway, 2, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS.  Just to level-set, a push notification is one that shows up on your phone or desktop if you allow it, regardless of whether you're currently using that app.  Existing IPS notifications are great, but the user only sees them once they browse to the site.  Email notifications are not a solution and should be minimized for obvious reasons.
    Tapatalk is one solution, but IMO it is a non-starter because the look and feel is nowhere as good as the mobile version of IPS, and to get your own branding and ads on Tapatalk you have to pay.  I already pay $70/mo for IPS, that's enough.  Tapatalk is its own ecosystem and they are very much in control of the user experience.
    The only things saving my community from being obsoleted by the Facebook group is the sheer fact that a forum is a much better archive of information, and is a more dedicated environment.  The searching and organization cannot be matched by Facebook.  A FB group flows by like a river, and topics are gone and forgotten within a day or so.  There is also no way to monetize a FB group.  My community sells subscriptions which pays for the hosting and the rest we donate to charitable organizations in our sport.  A huge reason FB wins is that dopamine rush from receiving push notifications.
    If IPS would provide a push notifications solution, there would be no need for a half-baked 3rd party solution, and it would dramatically improve our forums' ability to compete with Facebook.
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in Make Club forums not show on default Forum page   
    It's a setting 
    We had the same issue. Severe performance issue due to this setting. We had to switch it off and are very unhappy as the clubs are now "locked in" in their area. 
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    Fierce God reacted to Sonya* in Announcements in clubs only   
    Please add a possibility to add announcements on clubs pages only:

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    Fierce God reacted to Dean_ in Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic   
    Would be great if it could be formated to use with Enhanced User plugin with icons underneth.
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    Fierce God reacted to Nathan Explosion in Picture in Default Sign Up/Sign In widget   
    Maybe try modifying the widget's template at Core -> Front -> Widgets -> guestSignUp, as that is what controls what is displayed in the widget.
    You'll probably spot then that there is a section there that covers the display of the various buttons, which you could strip out and replace with your image.
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    all good, had to be me, 
    just glad it worked, such a awesome app!!
    review time.
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    Not sure what happened there. Sorry. 
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    Fierce God got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    After reinstall it's back loading images for me
    weird, but yea it works perfect like before
    thanks for your help @Adriano Faria

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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    Yes, is it like all the rest? Are they all the same? You purchased it on March 27. Does it happened before or started now from out of nowhere? Can you reproduce this in any other upload field across your site? Took a look in the storage extension from the app and it seems ok to me.
    If you don't have records to lose or don't mind with it for now, I would suggest to uninstall the app and then reinstall. If it insists, then probably submit a ticket; they will probably send you back to me if it happens only in this 3rd-party resource, then I'll try to reach some IPS dev to help.
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    All fine here. See:



    Files  in the uploads folder:

    Then I manually delete both files and I got what you got:

    So you probably deleted the image via FTP.
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    I used this app last week in this version and I remember the image being displayed. Anyway, I’ll retest it in a couple of hours and will let you know. 
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    Fierce God reacted to Adriano Faria in Staff Applications System   
    That’s how it is in all other apps, including official. Anyway, take a read a in a few posts above yours. A new feature (teaser text) will be added in next version. 
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    Re-download and update the app, I have fixed the bug where the member rooms will show in the ACP tree's, didn't change the version as 1.0.8 is already in the works so just update the latest upload 😀
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Members Shop ( Support Topic )   
    only way to do it is manually remove their points then manually add the credit to their account, Or you could make a custom shop item selling it for x points then when a member redeems it you will get notifed and then manually add it
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    Fierce God reacted to opentype in Pages SuperHelp support topic   
    It’s explained in the instructions PDF. (scroll to the end)
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    Fierce God reacted to TAMAN in News Ticker [ support topic ]   
    There is a custom tickers field in the settings. just add the link in there like so
    <a href="https://twitter.com" rel="external" target="_blank">My Twitter</a>  
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    Don't have a chatroom widget on the same page as the chatroom, I have not tested yet but it could be clashing with the chatroom id
    The toggle is a little arrow on the header section of the online users

    you shouldn't see any made chats in the ACP tree of the ones you would of created, I will look into that, them ones won't need a container same as club ones they don't need one either
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    Fierce God reacted to TheJackal84 in Chat Application ( Support Topic )   
    Yeah I see it, I will sort that
    thats the widget? the widget has a toggle to show or hide but the online user list has one for that, there ain't no online user lists for the widgets
    this is it shown

    this is it hidden

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    Fierce God reacted to Mark in New registration notifications by email stopped v4.4.3   
    Sorry about that. Will be fixed in our next version.
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    Fierce God reacted to Laura Latragna in Direct Reply by email to Topics w/o logging back in   
    Question about replying to topics, in some competitive forum software you can replay to a topic or post directly from an email notification. IPS is a one click plus login process to reply to a topic but you have to log back into the forum.  Does anyone know why this feature is not available?  I have a client that is rather hung up on being able to directly reply by email.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Ability to move existing forums into clubs   
    Hey @The Old Man
    I discovered this issue pretty early on in the beginning, and I also posted feedback about clubs.  If you don't want to grow any older (and the baldness of your head is roughly on par with the shiny baldness of @Lindy, so I'm assuming you have enough stress in your life), here are some alternatives while you wait for IPS: 
    1. You can actually bulk move topics.  You need to create the club forums in advance and you need posting permission in both the forum and the club.  
    2.  There are apps in the Marketplace that might give you the ability to assign forums and categories.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Add club leadership to user info panel and hovercard   
    Some thoughts, kind of relevant but maybe totally irrelevant:
    1.  I like this idea, but I think you may want to check with Club Enhancements by @Adriano Faria to see if he can adjust the settings.  Right now members can show their club membership, but I'm sure it can be customized for only club leaders.  
    2.  While I was laying in bed last night contemplating the mysteries of the universe and / or the mysteries of Invision Community, I briefly thought about digital 'business cards' for a club.  It would be like a shortlink URL that club owners and members could pass out, which would invite guests to join the club.  
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    Fierce God reacted to Joel R in Hi, I need to add reviews for my product   
    Hi @Jesse Jin Welcome to Invision Community and congratulations on your first post.  Also, it looks like you have a cool use of forums + commerce.
    To answer your question, first create an invoice for yourself of the smart bike in the ACP and mark as paid.  That will add you as a customer to your own product.  You should then able to write your own reviews.  
    Where are the other reviews located?  There might be a way to programmatically add the reviews using a custom integration.  
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    Fierce God reacted to opentype in Privacy Issues Question regarding names.   
    Well, that part is certainly not true. 
    GDPR is deliberately vague in such issues. I doubt you will find any official confirmation which draws a line between first name only vs. full name. In the end, it is about identification and a first name can be part of that process. 
    As Joel said: Just let them do the changes they want. It’s the easiest path for everyone involved.
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