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Do you experienced any error during Database installation?

Regardless of that, please check a few things:

  • After database installation, it's good to open Database settings through ACP, and rename the " Database Key ". this part usually get a random value and it may cause problem. change to something like "profile_db" / then open your assigned Page for setting and re-check for new id.


  • Based on guide file, Check to see all fields are in order
  • Definitely Check "Images" field settings and make it to "Allow multiple uploads". this setting wont get cover when we import a database.


I have a fresh Installation and I it was all good. If you still experiencing problem, send me a PM.

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Hello, sorry if this is a silly question: this works for any database page, correct? I want to use this for both my NEWS and PEOPLE database. Thanks!

  • Edit: I was taking "profiles" literally, "profiles" is actually a database in your Live Demo. Disregard my question! Can't wait to test this out!

Is there a way to customize which tabs are visible? Say I have a "Maps" section in a record, and "content" section, for a full description - can I assign MAPS to one tab and CONTENT to another?

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Hi @Joss Leal,

Correct, Legend Profiles is just a name for this. a plugin, couple of Pages app related Templates and you also can get a special Pages Database. best type of usage is working with one Database at a time because templates and plugin are interconnected with that special database. also about customize tabs and ... it doesn't have such options, though with enough skills you can edit it's template manually to make it more customized.

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