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  1. Everybody reading through this must have been shaking their heads this whole time. THANK YOU, so sorry for this oversight. Fixed, and everything works beautifully!!!
  2. So, I've checked the following locations. 1) going to APP permissions brings this up: I checked these settings; I've also checks permissions where I designate "all": Even these settings: And I see this on the main page: (Nothing before cases, which is where I have "Map" designated to be. Is nothing showing up because there are no "member" markers? I guess that's my question, since that's the only "group" coming up in "guest" permissions under the "Community Map" tab.
  3. Excited for that release, and thanks for the info! Just one other question that I've been trying to work through, but can't seem to figure out. I'm trying to make the map visible to guests, and the permissions don't seem to prevent guests from accessing the map, but it just won't show up for them. I've tried a mix of all the settings I can imagine. Is Community Map restricted to just members by default, or do I need to do some more digging? I've looked at member group permissions, app settings, menu settings/permissions, and still stumped. Thanks for your help, @Martin A.!
  4. Hi @Martin A. Installation went off without a hitch, with the exception of bringing up the marker list. I saw that you had someone else press F12 and see if there were any errors; this is what I see when I did the same: ......NO CLUE what any of this means. Do you see something here of value in helping find a way to fix this issue? This is what I see on my site: Thanks for your help!
  5. BIG REQUEST! I'm quickly learning that adding a new record in a database can be a battle. Where new records in DB1 require the creation of new records in other databases (DB2, for instance), adding them requires opening a new tab, and entering the record you need DB2 before finalizing the add in DB1. So, in my case, if I am adding a missing person to DB1, who went missing from a location I do not currently have in DB2, with an investigative entity that is not present in DB3, I would have to manually open both DB2 and DB3 to add that content in order to actually "finalize" my DB1 entry. It's time consuming and inconvenient. Is it possible to consider implementing the ability to cross-add records to different databases based on relationships? In my mind, this would be a HUGE upgrade to the record creation experience, and one that I think would be warmly welcomed by the community at large.
    Very nice addition to any website with a NEWS page or RSS feed, flows well. I'll rate this 5/5 only because of how responsive the developer was with me via support forum, however, be aware that you MAY have difficulty adjusting the speed of the ticker. The dev was unable to replicate the issue and, despite my MANY attempts at solving the issue and modifying the speed, I've been unsuccessful. I've come to simply accept the speed, but this should be looked into (as discussed in detail in the support forum) in future releases. THAT ALL SAID, it does what it says it should do, and as far as I am able to see, there have been no lags or difficulties beyond the speed issue. Recommended purchase!
  6. Honestly, absolutely beautiful! Great work!
  7. Ok, well, for me the speed remains the same, regardless of what I put (unless it's something low like 3...). I guess I'll live with it, I just wish you were able to see what I see; I'll remain hopeful that someone has figured out how to get the speed to change (which element of underlying code I would have to manipulate in someway), I prefer it to be slower than it is. However, it isn't "fast enough" to get me to completely get rid of it. Either way, thanks for your product, and I'll continue following for any other updates.
  8. Hello, sorry if this is a silly question: this works for any database page, correct? I want to use this for both my NEWS and PEOPLE database. Thanks! Edit: I was taking "profiles" literally, "profiles" is actually a database in your Live Demo. Disregard my question! Can't wait to test this out! Is there a way to customize which tabs are visible? Say I have a "Maps" section in a record, and "content" section, for a full description - can I assign MAPS to one tab and CONTENT to another?
  9. Thanks for your response, @TAMAN! So, auto speed is still a little fast, and I did play around with the speed; I entered 90, nothing changed, 3 (the lowest), and that was the speed of sound (figured out pretty quickly it was in ms). The speed doesn't seem to change for me, regardless of what I do. Looking at it now, I think it's still going at "auto speed," it just looked slower to me since 3 almost gave me a panic attack 😯. Any other way you recommend I can fix this? If it helps, I'm using Chrome, is this maybe just a browser issue. I will update this when I can test on Firefox and others. Thanks!
  10. Purchased. I can't seem to slow down this ticker, even when attempting to modify from the front-end. Do you have any recommendations? I set it all the way to 5, and it's still moving at the same speed as when set to "auto speed." Important: As I was playing with the settings, somehow, it slowed down, but only on desktop...it continued moving fast on mobile. Note: I had to "play with it" twice, the first time I noticed a change in speed, it was going RIDICULOUSLY fast, like...ROCKET speed. I quickly re-saved, and it slowed down to the speed I was intended it to go. It still moves quickly (not rocket speed, but quickly) on mobile, so I had to deactivate it for mobile. Is there a way to keep it from refreshing or starting over when reloading the page? I know that seems like a pretty weird request, but just wondering if that would be possible. The alignment/container/padding seems off for a few of the styles, I had to settle on style 6, is that a known issue? I saw it discussed earlier but don't remember any recommended way forward to fix it. Is that fix coming with an updated release? Is it a browser issue? Thanks for the above-mentioned CSS, it worked to get rid of the lines! Great product, thanks for your help!
  11. "Use grouped entries under Mode," got it.
  12. Well, for this type of layout (a line that pads the left side and creates gray space), it just doesn't look pretty - in fact, I have to say it looks broken. I get it, it's an IPS thing, and I should have tested this on mobile, just got too excited. My only other question would be: how do I get the date to appear above the record, on the timeline? Mine is coming up inside the record above the name, as shown in my previous video. Any suggestions?
  13. So, it's not possible for this to look like a box instead of looking like the right side is cut off somehow? I ask because, when timeline is not activated, I see the right edge of the white box as normal...
  14. Purchased. Hi, @opentype. Is this supposed to be mobile friendly? I'm not seeing the same thing I see on desktop on my mobile device as I'm live testing. I see a black dot to the left of the record, but a part of the white box is cut off on the right, the rest of the information is viewable (it doesn't cut off any wording), but it looks a bit broken on mobile. Can you take a look and tell me how I can fix this? Warning: I'm not very code-savvy. Taking this off my site for now until I can identify a way forward to make this work on mobile. Of note: the pictures of these listings are not showing on mobile either. Thanks for your help! IMG_8010.MP4
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