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  1. Turns out this was caused by @DawPiDP45) Mod Action Notify Enabled plugin which was creating custom notifications which were associated with the core application. So once the plugin was disabled, the 3rd party notifications were still loaded because they were associated to the core application but the parse method was missing because of the disabled plugin.

    We're going to catch the error on the frontend, but this will also result in a guideline change, any future submissions which need own notification types will have to be a proper application with an own notification extension.

  2. It's actually 

    Teamwork Best Team Ever GIF by Jessica


    13 minutes ago, Askancy said:

    I wrote @Stuart Silvester in private but did not answer or read.

    I would suggest to submit always a ticket if you have any concerns or questions. Staff members may, or may not reply to PMs but you'll always going to get a reply to a ticket:)

  3. 2 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    Hi, if it answers your question, I was able to upgrade from 4.6.3 to 4.6.4 correctly this time via the internal upgrade facility. First time that's worked on 4.6 for me.

    All the bugs are still present though, 4.6 should still be in beta testing IMHO.

    I still have a locked task coming back to haunt me every time I unlock it from for RSS imports, even though I deleted the actual feed import back in!


    Uploading 1920x1080 photos into the Gallery, is buggy as hell, a truly horrendous experience. I have plenty of spare RAM available, 40 cores on a 6GB VPS that barely ticks over in terms of load. I'm not uploading straight to S3, and PHP settings and PHP memory all fine. I've been trying to upload 340 photos that 4.6.2 lost on S3 storage and it's taking days, because on 4.6.3 and now still on 4.6.4 it sometimes works, but mostly it fails on the progress bar at 5% when processing them, even if I do just 10 at a time.

    I try again and it might work, next batch will fail 3 or 4 times times, then work again. It just suddenly aborts processing them and returns me to the Gallery, with 1 or 2 images having uploaded, which I then have to delete as they are not in the order intended, not that Gallery can sort them correctly anyway. It's agony.

    If I try more 20 at a time, I risk more time consuming failures but also I suddenly get dozens of pop up error modals, one for each image I think, and have to abandon the tab:



    Honestly, it feels like when you start using it for more than half an hour, barely anything seems to work reliably. I've never known a release like 4.6, aside maybe perhaps the original v4 release, maybe.

    I honestly wish BFarber was still at IPS, because he would have been all over this before this unstable release got out of the door.

    Is there a ticket for the rssfeed Import failing? If no pls submit one and ask to assign it immediately to me. 

  4. On 7/11/2021 at 7:17 AM, DonnonGT said:

    I've got the system installed and running. Is it possible for me to change my review? I'm sorry about that. It was late, I had just finished updating the software on my site and an unrelated issue had just crashed the forums. I thought the ThreadStarter plugin might have done it. That wasn't the case.

    Anyway, I like the app. I just have one concern. Some of the content (Like The movie picture links for an actor) links  to TMDB's website, which I don't mind, but it is openning in the same tab as my site. Anything that links off of a person's site should do so in a new window/tab. I'd appreciate it if you could put targets in those links that accomplished this. I don't want to lose visitors to someone else's site or make it a pain for them to navigate back to my site. Thanks.

    I have removed the old review.

  5. 13 minutes ago, The Old Man said:

    More bugs in 4.6.3...

    Pages Articles for some reason are locked by default when using 'copy to pages' feature:


    When editing the article, unticking the Locked option and saving, it has no effect, the article is locked. :


    However if you use the Article Actions drop down menu's Unlock option, it works 100% and the article becomes properly unlocked:


    Here's another Pages article bug but seems intermittent and nothing shows in the Error Log...

    Edit an article and save it... A Sorry you don't have permission to do that message shows with:


    You only have to use Pages 4.6.3 for a few minutes to experience these bugs, so why they got through beta QA testing I don't understand. QA testing seems to have disappeared.

    Does this also happen in the default theme? And have you customized the pages templates?

  6. 8 hours ago, TAMAN said:

    the default ips Most Contributions widget seem to have the same issue. the language string used for the title is not deleted in the database when the widget is removed! can you please help

    I can't reproduce this!

    1. we have the cleanup code in the Widgets delete method
    2. I can confirm that it's called 


    Please don't forget that it won't be removed immediately, there's a cleanup task which calls this frequently.

    As far as I remember your widget didn't have a delete method?

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