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  1. Welcome to part 3 ( Part 1 & Part 2 ) of our series for 3rd party developers.

    Let's recap the interesting stuff:
    A new extension was added to the core app to allow 3rd party apps to extend the achievements.
    Content Items can be marked as anonymous
    We have cleaned up our code and have removed almost all the deprecated methods and variables!


    One if the most concerning changes for IN_DEV users will probably be our new ACP warning once the CSRF Key is being exposed in the ACP



    That's nothing to worry about, it's only returned with enabled IN_DEV mode, but please take it serious and try to avoid any redirect to any URL containing the CSRF key and containing user generated content.

  2. 1 hour ago, Maxxius said:

    @AdlagoI wonder how could we completely remove the icomoon from IPS 4.4 version?

    Where that font is it used exactly?

    Time to upgrade! 😉

    From the 4.5 changelog:


    - Removed icomoon dependency from css. The icons which were created using this font have been replaced with FontAwesome and pure css equivalents. The icomoon files are still present, so they can be imported using custom.css if necessary.


  3. 8 minutes ago, Ramsesx said:

    Never heard of this. For example, some years ago IPS removed the chat system. There are now three chat applications available in the marketplace...

    There's indeed a rule for this in our guidelines https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/submission-guidelines/


    Your resource must not replicate any functionality that already exists in Invision Community or re-introduce functionality that has been removed, excluding inconsequential cosmetic changes that require no backend changes.


  4. Few months have passed since our last post here, so let's get ready to rumble🙂

    Supported PHP & MySQL Versions:
    The PHP min version was increased to PHP 7.2 in IPS 4.6, this means that your marketplace submissions are required to work with this version, but keep in mind that few clients are going to use php8, so I would really suggest to try to get your code working with both versions, which means that you'll need to implement some changes to avoid some BC breaks in PHP8.
    Here's a great list https://www.php.net/manual/en/migration80.incompatible.php

    Security Improvements:
    I have mentioned this change in another topic today, so let's recap it here too:)

    We have a new IN_DEV code check similar to the slash check, which will inform you about any outputs containing the CSRF key in the URL.
    This is a bad practice allowing attackers and 3rd parties to obtain the users CSRF key, so please try avoid this at any cost!
    We're not going to reject MP submissions because of this, but please try to avoid this as much as much as possible.

    Withdrawal Requests:
    Please keep in mind that you're permitted to have only one payout request per week;) Since this didn't work out that great and to avoid any drama about canceled requests, this is going to be handled now automatically. As long as there's an open request, you won't be able to submit any new requests! But don't worry, you'll still be able to cancel it and create a new request!

  5. 4 minutes ago, IP-Gamers said:

    Yes, yes, it also pisses me off that some unnecessary pages end up in the search engine. And how to deal with this, I do not know. Yes, I'm a noob, and help would not hurt me.


    You could use the live meta tag editor to add robot instructions to the pages which you don't want to have indexed.



    That said, we made also several improvements in IPS 4.6 to remove the CSRF key from URLs

  6. Why would you want to delete all the content just because of few attachments?:)

    Is it really worth to delete some valuable content to get rid of the attachments? I would check the topics manually and probably remove only the attachments!

    2. There's no bug in topics with attachment deletion, there's only one affecting Pages records;)

    3. Are you worried about the amount of attachments or their size? You could also remove only the really big ones ( you can locate them in your ACP => System => Files ; and sort the table by the size)

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