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    trananhls reacted to Daniel F in Disable Ads on login page   
    IPS 4.5 will include a new option for advertisements allowing you to define to not show the advertisement on such pages.

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    trananhls reacted to Chris027 in IPS Outsmarting Itself With The Date   
    This is just feedback and more of a vent than anything. I really think IPS is outsmarting itself with the way dates are displayed. Can we please just display the time and date as the time and date rather than "Wednesday at 05:39 PM"
    I was finally driven to post this because of a post on my site, where I couldn't find the quoted post easily. You can see the actual date of the quoted post is displayed. Excellent! It says "On 4/15/2020 at 2:21 PM." I should be able to scroll back through the 731 page topic to find this date and time. However, this isn't the case. When I scroll I see nothing but, "Wednesday at 05:39 PM," "Thursday at 04:31 PM," and "Thursday at 01:39 PM."
    Now I have to do the math in my head to figure out the day of the week on April 15th, just to find the quoted post. Not sure why the little link / arrow is gone from the quote, but it is and I can't change that. 
    Anyway, it really seems like IPS is trying to be one step smarter than the world with the way dates are displayed, but in reality it's just annoying. IPS is doing the time and date math for us automatically by displaying  "Thursday at 04:31 PM," but that isn't what we all want. 
    Love IPS software and support and the community. Just had to give feedback about this one that has bugged me forever.  

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    trananhls reacted to Maxxius in (TB) Bump Up Topics   
    but what about this?
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    trananhls got a reaction from tolik777 in (NB42) Topic Moderators   
    Is there an option that members can moderate their own topics with permissions (edit, delete posts/answers...)?
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    trananhls reacted to newbie LAC in (NB42) Topic Moderators   
    No. I didn't add it.
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    trananhls reacted to newbie LAC in (NB42) Topic Moderators   
    Support topic
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    trananhls reacted to andavis in AdSense Crawler   
    Can you please tell us the correct settings to pass the login page?
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    trananhls reacted to MMXII in [Suggestion] Swipe Menu on mobile devices   
    A thing that always comes to my mind when browsing an IPS community on a mobile device is the navigation menu. Right now you have to scroll all the way up to the very top of the site and tap on a button in the upper right corner in order to open it.
    (Digression: I am also missing a "Go to top" button, because on Android devices + Firefox there is no other way to reach the top despite scrolling manually. Quite annoying, especially on sites with much content on each page. But that is a different topic.)
    I'd find it more convenient if there was a way to open the navigation menu by swiping: A quick move from the right side of the display to the middle and the menu pops in, no matter if you are at the top, the middle or the bottom of the site. Please consider adding this little plus of convenience. Thanks!
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    trananhls reacted to Adriano Faria in Error with furl changes   
    Still an issue in 4.3. I just reported anyway:
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    trananhls reacted to kmk in Why not make editor better?   
    I know I can delete bottons for mobile and make editor more cleanly...but I would like give more editor power function for mobile too....please can improve editor design? or right now any plugin to achive that?

    I would like have this...

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    trananhls reacted to Nathan Explosion in Ad: Custom location - within post?   
    OK - that's achievable but the problem then is that it is part of the content - quoting a post will result in the advertisement being part of the quote. If I can figure out another way of achieving the addition of the ad to the content that avoids that side effect then I will put out a plugin and post it here.....no post from me = no plugin (yet)
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    trananhls reacted to opentype in Clickable forum titles when posting   
    You would need to change the forum type and/or posting permissions of the grey forums. Grey means you cannot post in these forum, so you also cannot select them. 
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    trananhls reacted to newbie LAC in Google AdSense Warning   
    Free solution
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    trananhls reacted to Adriano Faria in Is this still your email address (widget)?   
    I'll add the FA icon there:

    If the user clicks NO, he will be redirected to Account Settings -> Email Address.
    Clicking YES, the block won't appear anymore for X number of days, which is a setting:

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    trananhls got a reaction from optrexnz in Suggestion for IPS. New Type of Forum: Chat Thread   
    Great idea!!!
    Just reduce useless & wasted white space in the mobile template
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    trananhls reacted to kmk in Suggestion for IPS. New Type of Forum: Chat Thread   
    Thank you, this is big problem I have too
    Recently I try use tabs of clubs for meeting topics...
    but right now, desktop stronger....mobile is ugly and missing design point comparing with mobile apps
    I have to say, mobile template should be design from modern use habit, and from end user point, not from admins or coder who obviouly choosing big screen for work and play IPS, the end users are ours market. 
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    trananhls reacted to kmk in Suggestion for IPS. New Type of Forum: Chat Thread   
    For mobile purposal, add botton effect for touch with finger....add ability hiding secundary information, e.g. Below of topic title is "by author Name", many time my members want to touch title but finger is so big and instead go to topic, go to author profile....
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    trananhls got a reaction from kmk in Suggestion for IPS. New Type of Forum: Chat Thread   
    Great idea!!!
    Just reduce useless & wasted white space in the mobile template
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    trananhls reacted to gabs007 in Suggestion for IPS. New Type of Forum: Chat Thread   
    Hi guys. I don't know if someone has already suggested this in the past. I used the search a bit, but I didn't find anything.
    Yesterday I was considering again ways to improve my communities and this idea came again to my mind because I have discussed it with a few friends. I'm convinced it's a good option.

    The issue here is,  why do forums are less and less used everyday ? Well, for me it happens the same with photography. Why do bridge cameras are less and less used every day ?
    The answer is pretty simple, we are dealing with a new generation of people that use the phone, instead of a full computer. The same way people don't need bridge cameras because they have phone cameras, they don't need forums because they have "messaging applications". How can we make forums look more appealing ? well, let's disguise them and turn some forums into conversations.
    Ok, now I know what you are going to say...  "we have the mobile template". Yes, the mobile template is a good step, but it's not enough. IT's a good step to read a classic forum in an easier way. 
    IPS is closing chat because people use the chat less and less. Real time chat is not something people need or use in a forum (they already have the applications in their phones), people hate he word chat nowadays anyway. People don't like to think they are chatting. People like to think they are using hte phone to communicate with other people, with friends etc.
    you need a new type of forum that looks like a messenger screen, You need to create a forum where you can start topics where people can join and participate the same way the do with their phones:  skype, messenger, sms, line, whatsapp, telegram, etc etc.

    Where every line is a post comment. And every topic is like a group. Something that looks familiar.
    You could also add a feature where the topic author could join users (followers) to the conversation directly, just like whatsapp. With the correct template, you could turn a forum into a messanger system. Just keep it simple. In fact, I'm sure a skilled template creator could use CSS to do something similar with IPS 4, So why not having something like this by default ?
    With the mobile template Now we get something like this:

    The above picture is taken from one of my communities. Can you see how many useless & wasted white space we have in the mobile template ? But if you disregard many forum options like "likes, edits, quotes, post count, member group, reputation" etcc, you could turn a topic into a simple chat with only names & avatar pics & the message. We just need Avatar, name, message & timestamp. and force people to write less with a smaller text box like phones.
    People could use a forum & topics like any other of their messaging systems.
    Can you see in this picture how many more comments  skype uses in one screenshot, for example in the mobile device:

    I'm not saying convert the mobile template into this. The mobile template has its own purpose. What I say is, the same way we have 2 types of forums now: classic forums & Question and Answer Forums. I'm convinced any Community need a chit chat forum or a new type of topic that behaves and looks like a messaging window for mobile, tablets and why not ? also PC.
    It's a new feature, but a feature that makes absolutely sense to people that uses phones. 
    Thanks for reading this and sorry for my English, I know it's not perfect  but I tried to be clear.
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    trananhls reacted to Mark in IPS 4.3 - Oauth login methed ( Question )   
    Yes. In either direction.
    Very. It's a similar process to setting up Facebook / Twitter / etc login currently is - though for Wordpress you'll also need to install a Wordpress plugin.
    It's cool, right?  We'll have a blog entry with more details soon!
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    trananhls reacted to Matt in IPS 4.3 - Oauth login methed ( Question )   
    I'll just copy and paste that as the blog and maybe add in some gifs and we're good.
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    trananhls got a reaction from Bliss99 in Email Configuration   
    Maybe you can try this https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en
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    trananhls reacted to loccom in How to prevent Ads displaying on Registration pages   
    How to prevent Ads displaying on Registration pages? Google have warned that I have adsense on our registration page and its in violation of their terms. How can i prevents ads appearing via the Commerce Ads.
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    trananhls reacted to forumdev99 in IPS 4.1 : ADVERTISEMENT inside the first post   
    This is working well - thanks for all the help @Upgradeovec 
    I ended up struggling to get the ad block to float to the right of the post content like i wanted it to - so that it isn't above or below the post text (unless on a small screen).
    float:right; didn't seem to work like it should, so I ended up w/ the below code which is the closest I could get to what I want.
    Please share if anyone has a better way of doing this.
    my code:
    <!-- adsense ad code in first post start --> {{if (($comment->position - 1) % \IPS\Settings::i()->forums_posts_per_page === 0)}} <div style="display:inline-block;float:right; max-width:336px;"> <ins class="adsbygoogle" style="display:inline-block;width:336px;height:280px" data-ad-client="ca-pub-00000000000" data-ad-slot="00000000000"></ins> <script> (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); </script> </div> <div style="display:inline-block;max-width:50%;"> {{endif}} <!-- this is the post content --> {$comment->content()|raw} {{if $comment->editLine()}} {$comment->editLine()|raw} {{endif}} {{if (($comment->position - 1) % \IPS\Settings::i()->forums_posts_per_page === 0)}} </div> {{endif}} <!-- adsense ad code in first post end -->  
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    trananhls reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player   
    Just taken a look at an implementation of VAST ads at http://www.html5vast.com/
    The answer is yes, it would be possible to implement VAST in to videos - it looks like it targets the ID of the <video> tag, and then plays the ad before the video itself is played. I can't help with the integration of VAST itself, but I can make it easier for you by adding an ID to each video that matches up to the ID of the post within which the item is played (example: this post is ID number 2717066, so I'd make the video's ID nevid_2717066...I'll add in something to handle multiple videos in posts too.... nevid_2717066_1, nevide_2717066_2 and so on)
    Then in your VAST implementation, you could target those IDs.
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