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  1. Aha! Thank you so much. searching for 'featured content' in ACP has zero results so that may be something to correct in a future release. 😉
  2. Apologies for the newbie question, but how do I get to the settings/configuration page w/ the tabs? My slider became static with the latest update and I want to re-enable the slide transitions. Thanks
  3. problem solved - thanks for the quick support!
  4. Hello I have been using your fContent slider for years and have been happy with it, however the latest upgrade to fContent v4.3.9 breaks the slider display in IPS v4.3.6 - see attached. Here is the console error: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).bxSlider is not a function The odd thing is, when I 'save' the 'page' template where my '{fcontent="1"}' code lives - and then refresh the slider page, it then displays correctly.. like it loads the jquery function in the correct order and is able to find the function or something. ..but when I refresh again, it breaks. I have disabled every other application and get same results. When I run the 'support tool' to clear cache in the admin I get the same result - works the first time when there is no cache, but second refresh breaks it.. something wonky w/ the cache or something? Can you help? Thanks
  5. Is there any way to apply word filters retroactively?
  6. I haven't been able to figure out where to even begin w/ APA and Rules to make this work..
  7. Thanks - I will investigate this and report back w/ my findings.
  8. I am able to change a couple of them, actually, so let's focus on one in particular that won't change: I need this URL /forums/topic/{#id}-{?} ..to look like this: /topic/{#id}-{?} But when I change it and save, it reverts back to: /forums/topic/{#id}-{?} In /applications/forums/data/furl.json it looks like this: "forums_topic": { "friendly": "topic/{#id}-{?}", "real": "app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic", "verify": "\\IPS\\forums\\Topic" }, ..are you able to change this specific URL in your board? BTW I am running IPSv4.2.5
  9. I tried editing /applications/forums/data/furl.json as suggested, and cleared cache via support system, and unfortunately, the URLs still can't be changed. They revert back to the default when I change them in the 'friendly URLs' section of ACP, and they reflect what is in the ACP on the live site. This is a tough issue as we want to upgrade to 4.x without breaking all of our existing URLs - we already went through that once when migrating from another Forum software and it killed our traffic for a long time. Still not at the level it was before moving to IPS. Thanks again for taking a stab at this - I'm willing to try anything, and willing to pay someone who can find a hack that works.
  10. Thank you so much! I will try this and report back.
  11. Any updates on this yet? I am migrating from v3.x to v4.x and need to make the URLs the same, in v3.x the URL has /forum/ and in v4.x it is /forums/ and it won't let me change it to /forum/ in advanced configuration of ACP. I don't want the URLs to change at all as a part of this migration.
  12. Hello Does this work for IPS 3.x? Thanks
  13. Hello, Heads up that this item needs to be moved to the new 'categories' in Marketplace in order to become downloadable again. Thanks
  14. Hello, I just purchased and installed this on my dev forum and seems to be working fine, however, I noticed is that it only shows the (# Viewing) beside the very top level forums.. I have sub forums and sub-sub forums and I would like to see the (# Viewing) beside each forum.. any way to enable that? Thanks
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