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  1. This should be available in a community forum.
  2. Error with furl changes

    Hello, any update for Company Directory?
  3. Job Board App ?

    I'd like to join. Please pm me. Thanks.
  4. Vote for your idea. We don't need a big logo/banner on mobile. Hope IPS or someone can redesign it.
  5. IPS Community Suite 4.2 Coming Soon

    Also topic starter can edit/delete others' replies in that topic and block member from seeing his topic, just like Facebook's status.
  6. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    Me too. After each upgrade, my forum needs more RAM and CPU core. My forum has about 70 members online at the same time... Now needs 4gb RAM and sometimes it's overload. Don't use Apache with IPS 4.
  7. (BIM42) Forum Cover

    5 stars. It's really helpful. Thank onlyME for your work and great support.
  8. Setting timezone.

    You can sync your system time and date with ntp (Network Time Protocol) over a network or internet. Normally ntp should be installed to your Linux system as default, in case your system does not have ntp, you can easily install ntp package with a simple command. To install ntp on Ubuntu, Linux or debian based distribitions # apt-get update # apt-get install ntp To install ntp on Fedora, Centos or redhat based distribitions # yum install ntp After you set your timezone correcly, you should be able to synce your date and time with ntp command # ntpdate pool.ntp.org Hope this will help.
  9. own topic moderation ability

    Yes. I have the same request but no one can help: - Members can delete/edit others' replies on their own topic.
  10. Responsive Framework

    Me too. Ajouz ♞
  11. Member Map

    stoo2000 I have a problem Mini-map on users profile page : not scroll