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    Долго ждал этот мод. Вчера купил. Мод рабочий, брать можно! Единственное у меня не работает HIDE для модераторов, но хоть так...
  1. I am the admin and I have the maximum permissions on the forum. I do not see any settings for this module in the admin panel. But the widget is there - it means the module itself is installed correctly.
  2. I bought the app. It was installed, but does not work. In the menu, i do not see anywhere "Topics Moderator", like your screens. But it is in the widgets. My version IPB 4.2.4
  3. I think it is better to introduce a URL or ID there, for example, I have hundreds of thousands of topics on the forum and the drop-down list is very large!
  4. My suggestion for version 4.4 is to make it possible to designate a user as a moderator of a topic. That the user had rights only to a specific topic. There used to be a similar plugin, but it is no longer being developed
    Good plugin. I'll want update my communtity to last 4.3.x. Will be work this plugin with latest 4.3.x?
  5. Heh, I'm using IPB since 2003 ? 15 years!
  6. I update my forum to latest version 4.2.2, but this option isn't working. I use latest Google Chrome and Windows 7
  7. tolik777

    New: Clubs

    Perfect!!! Waiting 4.2!
  8. I can't bulk mail... Bulk Mail by forum - isn't working properly By SparkPost - Registration is not available to Russian Please make Bulk Mail via CRON and limitation: letters per minute
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