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    sobrenome reacted to Chris Anderson in Editor Stock Replies   
    As the functionality stands now you get a running list of Stock Replies that you have to scroll through to "hopefully find one that is appropriate for the area you are in currently.

    It would be nice if IPS created categories that you populate in the ACP and then choose on the front end to find a set of Stock Replies pertinent to a particular use case.

    Once you click on a category it would bring up a list of relevant Stock Replies you could choose from.
    Access to each category would be set in the ACP and would only appear on the frontend if the user had the appropriate permission.   
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria in Editor Stock Replies   
    Just tested and it is like I said: the button STOCK REPLIES will only appear after you add at least one stock reply:


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    sobrenome reacted to Chris Anderson in Editor Stock Replies   
    To enable the use of stock replies you are prompted through a series of configuration steps.  The first step being to add a button to the small, medium and large toolbars.  I'm stuck on this step as I don't see a button that jumps out at me as being the one to choose. What seems obvious to IPS developers and even you my fine friend aren't always obvious to me.
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    sobrenome reacted to Chris Anderson in Editor Stock Replies   
    Could someone please provide a clue as to where to find the button to add to the editor.  I hovered over each of the buttons not on the editor and none of them seemed to be a match.
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    sobrenome reacted to Adriano Faria in Editor Stock Replies   
    Didn’t test yet. Probably you need to add the stock replies first? Also go to the Toolbars menu and add the button.
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    sobrenome reacted to Chris Anderson in Editor Stock Replies   
    Put the following in your constants.php file (or create one).
    Navigate to "Applications" in your ACP and click on "Check for Updates".
    You should see a banner show up alerting you of the existence of beta releases.  You can upgrade your board (or not) as you wish.  To remove prompting for betas you simply replace "TRUE" with "FALSE" or delete that line from your constants.php file.
    As with any release please do a complete backup of your site as there is a possibility that the upgrade will encounter an issue. If you do encounter an issue you can always restore from backup and wait for the next beta or full release.  
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    sobrenome reacted to nodle in Editor Stock Replies   
    How safe are the Betas to run? Do you have to manually upload them, or can the upgrader be used? Also do you release many betas or skip directly to release, or it that based off if errors are reported? Do the betas typically run for a few weeks before final release or are the typically fast? Just trying to decided if I should move over, since it looks like it has some fixes I might be interested in. 
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    sobrenome reacted to Ocean West in Editor Stock Replies   
    Ok now that I see this in action - wow it's fantastic.
    ( give us an inch we'll want a mile )
    I could really see the need for by GROUP allow individuals to customize their set of stock replies.
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    sobrenome reacted to bassangler in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Is there an answer for this - other than a snarky "test it"?
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    sobrenome reacted to evcom in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Just upgraded to latest release and all went well. 
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    sobrenome reacted to Square Wheels in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    I understand people who have a positive experience upgrading may not post their experience, but it sounds like many releases have come out to fix issues and people still post more issues each new release brings.
    I have three sites I have been waiting on upgrading hoping these concerning posts will go away.
    Is the current release stable?
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    sobrenome reacted to Daniel F in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    This was fixed and patched a while ago.
    Are you still seeing the issue? 
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    sobrenome reacted to NerdCore in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Yeah. Sadly the biggest feature of this update is not working.. It was not tested enough. Also if someone follows a user who posts as anonymous. They get notifications that the user has posted.

    It's broken and I hope invision fixes it.
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    sobrenome reacted to GazzaGarratt in Web push notifications, native sharing & offline support   
    @Rikki quick question if you can help (or anyone for that matter).
    It says you can't use Web Push and the homepage without the GMP PHP extension. I've also been told you can't have this on shared servers.
    Is this correct because it means I feel like I am stuck??
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    sobrenome reacted to Umaar in Web push notifications, native sharing & offline support   
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    sobrenome reacted to MythonPonty in Anonymous Posting   
    awesome ... that would be great for the Competitions App
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    sobrenome reacted to fantasystar in Anonymous Posting   
    Can Anonymous Posting be extended to the Database Records also ?
    I'd Gladly pay towards this, as my Forum is heavily dependent on Members Posting Records into the Database.
    I couldn't find an App that does this, and It would make sense for it to be part of the already established Anonymous Posting that InVision has.
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    sobrenome reacted to Ranya Renee Fleysher in Web push notifications, native sharing & offline support   
    Any idea on when the mobile app will be available for iPhone?  I was using the beta but it disappeared. A huge majority of my members have iPhones. 
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    sobrenome reacted to My Sharona in Anonymous Posting   
    Can the avatar for an anonymous posting be altered. If so, which template and where please.
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    sobrenome reacted to Christine35 in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Unfortunately, there is a problem with the feature. If someone quotes anonymously, the other gets a notification with the real name.
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    sobrenome reacted to James Adams in Anonymous Posting   
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    sobrenome reacted to virap in Anonymous Posting   
    My members are reporting that if the anonymous user likes their post or quotes them, they can see the anonymous user's username in their notification. Is this an oversight? a bug?
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    sobrenome reacted to usmf in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Will upgrading to 4.6.2 alter my custom CSS in themes in any way?
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    sobrenome reacted to Randy Calvert in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Think of rank as of "quantity" recognization.  It's the number of content items you post, the amount of replies, the number of likes you give, etc.  Reputation is recognization for "quality".  It's the number of positive reactions to a member's content from other members.  
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    sobrenome reacted to Chris Anderson in What's new in 4.6.0?   
    Theme Differences - Invision Community
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