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  1. IPS MP is part of the service offered. Other sites offer, in many cases, the same mods from the same authors. Like BreadFan said, PM the author and you can probably work something out. IMO, It's not a matter of IPS leaving out features. Not all features are 'necessary' and many people don't need/or want them. Why should the bulk of us that don't want the features have to turn them off because 5-10% of people want it? I see your point, but respectfully disagree.
  2. As I recall, it doesn't ban the account by putting it in the banned group. Been a while since I've had to use it though. Spam service FTW.
  3. I agree, that was a little confusing.. Why do you have to put in a 'mobile' password before you can change your regular password?
  4. TBH, I would rather IPB stick to designing the functions that make their product what it is and leave the skinning to 3rds parties. Otherwise, you're always going to get someone like yourself that isn't happy with the design and want it changed. I see where you're coming from, but the battle over personal preference just can't be won.
  5. You're point being you just have different taste than others?
  6. No, the moderator section on the fronted is still considered public. Admin is ACP only.
  7. Then do something about it, make your own... Or hire a custom skin designer and tell them what you want.
  8. If you have any programming experience, hooks are free. :) If IPS see's this as a useful addon, then it very well could be integrated into a next version... But if not, it's probably pretty easy to accomplish with a hook. Then you don't have to wait for a new version from IPS.
  9. You could probably do something like that with a hook. And as it would pull from the database, it would be updated every time you refreshed the page. I know you could do it with IP.Content, but it would be on a seperate page from the forum list.
  10. hmmm.. hadn't thought of that. One more punch list item before I package up the app i'm developing.
  11. File Name: Content News Feed Block File Submitter: Aiwa File Submitted: 13 Dec 2011 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Content 2.3.x Need a news feed for your main page? This is for you. Here are two news feeds styled to match one another.... One Forum Feed block to feed topics from the forum(s) you specify... And... One Article Feed Block to feed articles from the categories of your choice. The article feed includes the article image, which when clicked will open in the lightbox! Want to share your content on social media? Currently Googe +1, Twitter, and Facebook are included in both blocks. Others can certainly be added if there are enough requests. Like this file? Like the support provided? Donations are always welcome For support, please create an account then submit a ticket. here to download this file
  12. At minimum, it would be nice to see WHO deleted the post in the ModCP next to the post itself. You already have the WHEN it was deleted. A feature that would be beneficial in catching rouge moderators.
  13. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    Welcome, good to know... Was beginning to wonder if me getting it to work on my board was a fluke.
  14. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    //----------------------------------------- // F? //----------------------------------------- $this->request['f'] = intval($this->request['f']); if ( ! $this->fromSearch ) { if ( ! $this->request['f'] AND $this->request['do'] != 'ocbm' AND $this->request['do'] != 'ocubm') { $this->_showError( 'mod_bad_fid', 4030, null, null, 404 ); } } $this->request['st'] = intval($this->request['st']); //----------------------------------------- // Get the forum info based on the forum ID, //-----------------------------------------
  15. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    You don't have a closing parenthesis on the if statement....
  16. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    You made the 2nd file edit wrong.
  17. Aiwa


    Yes, a trash can MAY exist, that is up to the board administrator. Options are available to NOT have a trash can. In which case, delete would truly be DELETE, gone, kaput, not recoverable. Deleting something should make it like it was never there. Members shouldn't be able to see even a placeholder for a deleted post or topic. So, if soft-delete is leaving a placeholder members can see and not actually removing the content, then you really are 'hiding' something. Content should never be 'viewed' as deleted. If it was 'deleted' it should just be gone, nothing left behind to show of its existence. Since the content is being 'viewed' as a placeholder to members, then 'HIDE' would be the best terminology here.
  18. Aiwa


    I was just going to say that too.. :)
  19. Aiwa


    What i took from it... Soft-delete was moved from the 'delete' option and combined with 'unapprove'. Since if you want to soft-delete, you don't actually want to DELETE it, you just don't want it visible. And unapproving a post to make it not visible was causing unwanted side effects for boards with heavy topic/post moderation. All functions are still there, they just rearranged them a bit... You can still delete something and move it to the trash can as always..
  20. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    I'm assuming you didn't have any problems getting it to work? Anyone else get this working with the instructions I posted? Just trying to see if me getting it working on my board was a fluke.
  21. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    It's in the hook setup. After the hook has been installed...Click the pencil next to the hook when you're looking at the "Manange Hooks" page.. Sorry it took me so long to respond.. I've been in my car for the past week driving halfway across the US and back.
  22. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    The original version submitted by ShadowPuppet required a code edit.. I simply updated the locations of the code edits that were required... It does work with 3.2.3.. See my post above.
  23. I had tried to fix it myself... but once i saw the language file outputs all FUBAR I gave up... :)
  24. FYI, this breaks with IP.Chat 1.4.0. It also looks like they may have changed some of the language file information.
  25. Aiwa

    One-Click Ban

    I've tested deleting topics, post, and the such and have had no problems since getting it working. one click ban and unban work like a charm. Its easy to undo if you have an unforseen issue.
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