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  1. Wait, what? PWA, ok. But add to home screen? If you have iOS are you blind?
  2. Modify your templates and remove the link. Doesn’t disable the feature, but makes it quite difficult for someone to do it.
  3. Because you can’t unpack and repack. When you unpack the tar, you are dropping all of the PHAR meta data. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHAR_(file_format) I’ve got a PHP script that runs in my CI tool to build a PHAR from the raw app files in my git repos, but it’s built largely from IPS source and thus can’t be shared.
  4. Applications aren’t tar files, per se. they are actually PHAR files packaged in the TAR format. Alterations of the format will likely corrupt the installer.
  5. It’s tough if you send a high volume of emails. SparkPost is an option, don’t know the cost. You have to weigh how important email delivery is in contrast to how much money you get from return visits and more member interaction.
  6. What are they trying to recreate? Create the CRON task, set it to run every minute. Done...
  7. Script, give them the command as written, that your ACP gives you when you select CRON as your task execution method.
  8. When you select CRON for task execution, the command is given to you. Give the entire command to your hosting provider, should run every minute. With respect to which cPanel account, only you can answer that based on your setup.
  9. 1st, did you set up the CRON task in your server config as suggested if you had CRON selected as your task execution method? 2nd, that stack shows there is an error related to supergrid, which I believe is a 3rd party application. Based on the information provided it's difficult to tell if the suprgrid error you've posted is simply a symptom and there is a larger underlying problem with task. If supergrid has been working with your previous set-up, it's likely the later, the error you're getting on screen is simply a symptom of a different issue all-together.
  10. Aiwa


    FYI, here is the line that's causing the error. How I know it's the Steam widget.
  11. Aiwa


    You have what looks like a Steam group widget that is taking longer than 10 seconds to get and process data. Look at my Steam app, it caches that data so it doesn't slow down page loads waiting for the Steam servers to respond.
  12. It would have to be an opt in system, GDPR might come into play. Client submitted listings, like the Providers section may be the best suggestion. There are communities out there that would most definitely not want to be in such a list, for varying reasons. Having worked T1 in the past for IPS I’ve seen many of them, no I won’t/can’t share. Nothing illegal, just I can understand their desire for privacy. They only want users that seek out and share in their niche to visit and participate.
  13. I’ve run into this if the file was open when trying to upload. Make sure the file is closed on the source OS before attempting to upload.
  14. you can skip the stuff about the database, since you’re not changing servers, but the rest applies.
  15. Depends on what user was logged in that created the directory. 👍
  16. 777 isn’t the end all solution. Right user own the directory? SELinux get turned on?
  17. What about the applications directory itself? Did you check it also?
  18. You could also build a media embed, like YouTube, so you're webinars are embedded in your site, but not taking up storage space on the cloud server.
  19. The only one that I know of that exists was developed for / by a specific community and that owner wasn't interested in marketing it for anyone else. I beleive their reasoning was that they didn't want to take on additional support volume for communities that can vary greatly in app requirements. There is no one size fits all solution in mobile. My suggestion would be to build what works for your community.
  20. Yes You should brush up on inheritance. If you don't call the parent you break the chain, execution stops with what you tell it to do. So long as you return the parent, via parent::functionname(), you maintain geneology and execution continues. You can't insert little lines of code in the middle of a method. If that's what you're after you need to find another hook point.
  21. Apps vs plug-ins makes no difference in code hook functionality.
  22. @Adriano Faria Login handlers don't require a file upload.
  23. // your code return parent::clear(); Or the opposite, if you need to manipulate the data.. $return = parent::clear(); // your code return $return;
  24. Submit a ticket in your client area.
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