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  1. Because {member=name} isn't HTML. It's template logic that IPS parses when displaying. Such parsing isn't done against WYSIWYG data.
  2. WYSIWYG is exactly what it means. What you see is what you get. There isn't automation built into it because it then wouldn't be WYSIWYG. To build it with any kind of automation, you have to build it as a custom block with manual HTML or PHP.
  3. Email templates and theme templates for display are different animals. {member=name} would be what you need for the currently logged in member IF you're working in a theme template. Add raw="true" within the {} if you don't want it html escaped.
  4. You won't have access to check the DB directly, you'll need to wait for IPS hosting support I'm afraid.
  5. Did you use the -TESTINSTALL version of your key for local host? I'm guessing no. Do as the message suggests, contact IPS support, explain the confusion, and they'll get you fixed up.
  6. Yet the result would be the same, regardless. Support would still be answering the question, because they would know the specifics about your account, beyond the little bits of detail you provided. Your thoughtfulness is understood, but if you're a paying client, submit a ticket. Use what you are paying for.
  7. Suggest submitting a ticket and asking this question. These are the peer to peer forums.
  8. It was, and it flopped. Hence why IPS has poured a lot of effort into a responsive theme App: IPS 3.2-3.3 days. Read around the Blog.
  9. Have you checked your server configuration?
  10. SELinux can also mess with permissions.
  11. Generally speaking, a 500 error is a server whoops, not an IPS whoops. Check your server error logs for some clues as to what's going on. Also, this is the peer to peer support section. Suggest submitting a Support Ticket via your Client Area.
  12. And I sympathize, but it doesn't mean they didn't make poor decisions about community maintenance, ensuring there wasn't a single point failure. Ultimately, nothing we say matters. It's going to be up to IPS in the support ticket they have open on whether or not IPS will break policy and offer an act of good will. Best of luck to the OP.
  13. I kinda like it. Helps IPS deflect support requests by making it clear the responsible author.
  14. You don't have a copy of the files used when you upgraded? I understand your frustration, but maintaining backups of your files is your responsibility when self hosting. Including backing up the core files used when you installed or upgraded. If you buy a car from a dealer and wreck it, is the dealer responsible for fixing it because you didn't buy insurance?
  15. You didn't test the conversion before converting your live site? That aside, it would be better to write a script to do this using built in IPS methods. Otherwise you run the risk of creating a disconnect between tables as well as any cache. Suggest looking in the providers section for a developer to help you if you're unable to do this yourself.
  16. Geographic favoritism. Who'd have thunk it?!?! Makes you love statistics that much more! 😉
  17. The great thing about statistics, 85% of them are made up. 👍 Seriously, though.... Cloud services are everywhere, regardless of your poison. Being able to streamline the process of sharing / exposing that cloud data is going to be a defining feature of applications sooner than later. While maybe not in the next couple years, it's been on the enlightenment hype line for years and is now squarely in the plateau of productivity where, the market will quickly start to saturate in the next 5-10 years.
  18. Then you could say the same of my Steam Profile Integration... It'll likely have as many purchases when it reaches the same time on market... Does that mean IPS should integrate everything from the 3rd Party MP authors that averages 75-100 purchases per year?
  19. 😱 have you considered that Xenforo and IPS aren't selling the exact same prodcut suite? Just because one has a specific feature doesnt mean the other should also have that same feature... Debate features on their merit, not because your neighbor got a new Ford and now you want IPS to buy you one...
  20. The Edit button by Member Groups, and the group drop down.
  21. Please don't do that... It's poor practice. https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/docs/fundamentals/accessing-the-database-r166/ If you're connecting to your Invision DB for data, use \IPS\Db, how to use the methods are in the System/Db/Db.php file or the above doc. \IPS\Db::i()->select() If you're connecting to a remote DB..... Store the data in your conf_global.php file so it's protected just like your Invision DB details. Use \IPS\Db::i('your_remote_name',$connectionSettings) Populate $connectionSettings array from conf_global.php values you added for your remote DB. require( \IPS\ROOT_PATH . '/conf_global.php' ); $connectionSettings['sql_host'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...'] $connectionSettings['sql_user'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...'] $connectionSettings['sql_pass'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...'] $connectionSettings['sql_database'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...'] $connectionSettings['sql_port'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...'] $connectionSettings['sql_socket'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...'] $connectionSettings['sql_tbl_prefix'] = $INFO['your_remote_db_...']
  22. Needs to be a member object. \IPS\Member::load($field_33)
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