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Server Management - Best Practises

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Which type of default storage engine IPB recommends: Innodb VS MyISAM?

Does any of below help or improvise IPB sites speed?

  • mod_expire
  • Memcached
  • Opcode Cache
  • Varnish

Does Redis work for logged in user too or only for anonymous users?

Redis best practice / configuration like maxmemory etc?


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1. It's recommended to just use InnoDB.

2. Yes, it's good to set expiration headers on static content. Usually, around a month for static resources is recommended. For core stylesheets and such, IPS uses a "cache buster" query string any time anything important is updated, so you don't have to worry about old cached content causing issues.

3. Absolutely use opcache with PHP. Even with the default configuration it can make a major improvement in performance.

4. No experience with it personally.

5. Redis can be used to lower MySQL database load on things like view counters and such which are used for both guests and members alike. There's also other cached data that it can use to improve performance. Redis will improve performance primarily if MySQL overhead is high on your server.

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Can anyone please agree more on Innodb recommendation here?

We use to use Innodb in the past and if I rem correctly someone here recommended MyISAM and we switched. This must be 3-4 years back, if things have changed today or Innodb is officially recommended with current version, please confirm and we will switch it back.

What does usually self hosted site use here for IPB communities:

  • Apache OR Nginx?
  • MySQL OR MariaDB
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10 hours ago, Ryan Ashbrook said:

InnoDB is officially recommended, yes. In fact some places, like AWS, don't even support MyISAM anymore.

Apache versus Nginx and MySQL vs MariaDB really depend on personal preference, though bear in mind our support team are mostly familiar with Apache and MySQL.

Thanks @Ryan Ashbrook so its time for us to switch to InnoDB then.

Do you know how to do it as previously all these were managed by another admin. 

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