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Hmm, trying to load member that isn't there anymore. I'll take care of this.

Actually, is that link https://1shot2kill.pl/topic/2053-losowanie-darmowego-vipapremium/ actually going to that topic at all? The error is actually the plugin trying to load the topic, and it can't. And I can't even view the topic at all just on it's own. So deleted topic? Moved topic?

The plugin is working fine elsewhere on your site though.

Nice site btw, like the design work.

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we've updated to IPS 4.4 today and the latest version of your plugin! Somehow the group formating is gone and the usernames are displayed in the default color (in all Themes, even the default from IPS).


How can we fix this?





Some additional info:

IPS 4.4.4

PHP 7.3

Themes: IPS Default, IPSfocus: Spectrum, Novus (latest versions).


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I have the latest version of the forum installed,  but I had to move to invision cloud hosting.

When moderators try to access the largest threads, they get 500 error, but smaller threads are ok.

It seems like its a resources issue and bombing out, so i have turned the plugin off.

I have asked invision if they can give more resources, but i am not hopeful,  is there anything you can do with the plugin to get around this issue?

Its a really good plugin and i am surprised everyone isnt using it, would love to be able to continue using it

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Just a note on this. I worked with Ihia last night to resolve this. I believe most (all?) of the hitch was another application that was a year out of date throwing a stream of constant errors. Sometimes the assumed culprit might just be the thing that pushes the system over the edge and not the underlying troublemaker.

That said, I did take the time yesterday before working with him to make a sweep of the plugin. His use-case is a lot different than most sites who get this so I'm gonna think on a few more things before pushing out version 10 but you all can expect a new version of this in the immediate future. Standard blurb about performance improvements, bug fixes, and the like applies as always.

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Version 10 Released!

  • Re-written widget DB routines for efficiency and reduced size.
  • CSS patch for text display in widgets.
  • Added limit to avatar display count in widgets (limit 100).
  • Widgets will no longer appear at all when there is no data to display - that includes messages stating as such.
  • Widget templates re-written for better efficiency.
  • Flood control now in-effect everywhere, setting removed. No repeat writes or updated visit timestamps inside of five minutes for the same member.
  • Recording of topic visits revamped for, yes, you guessed it, better efficiency.
  • Popup table modal now will correctly show member names with group formatting if that option is enabled.
  • NEW! Prune the Who Viewed table! Never, or choose to remove entries older than a configurable day amount. Task always runs daily but will not do anything unless you have the pruning option turned on in the plugin settings.

Also, I've compiled a list of some of the feature requests in this thread from the last two years. I'll *try* to get them into whatever this thing becomes - either a version 11 plugin or a re-written "version 11" application as some things can only be tackled if it is an application (access to extensions and so on). 

That list being, with comments by me:

  • Is there anyway that this counter could also show # of guest views per post on the actual post itself?
    (All views already tracked by IPS but not guests separately - also what about bots - possible but would be messy. Lean no... )
  • Any thoughts on showing total # of views of a post as well?
    (Already handled by Kitchen Sink, also this is inbound by IPS with their thing in 4.5 or I can release<redacted>)
  • Is there a way to reset or clear the list of viewers?
    (Partially addressed in version 10 with the prune function. Easy add for individual topics but need permissions check AND a place to stick the button.  I'll stick it in the moderators menu - users of this will need to have mod powers AND a separate permission set in the plugin settings. This will happen.)
  • Is there any way to have an option to make these plugins respect the "browse anonymously" option and not list members who check that when they log in? Seems like the default software goes out of its way to hide their last login date on their profiles, but this plugin gives them away. I'd need it to hide them altogether so they can lurk threads without being exposed.
    (How to deal with anons is mostly dealt with already, setting available to choose to not track anons period. This should probably be good enough.)
  • I'll add a no-follow to reader links which should help.
    (Already done on the modal button. Probably needed for the widget views as well to reduce SEO load. Will happen.)
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There is a chance I'll be pushing this to an application, and that's going to mean almost certainly, a re-buy (no way to sync with the new ACP Marketplace). If I have to do that, I'll be leaving the purchase price at like $10 for a month or two to ease the pain.

Why? Standards are up considerably with marketplace code reviews and there is a nominal chance, possibly reported once before but most sites using this plugin never usually hit this, that a deleted/merged member causes problems... and I can't handle those problems with a plugin - only apps have the capability to deal correctly with these hitches (well, the way IPS wants them dealt with anyways. I can get around it easily enough but I doubt it would pass review...)

On the plus side, you'll be getting more options, ACP previews, a name-only table popup option (vs. avatar display) and I think I'll throw a super wide table view option on that as well for those that are using this more for mod purposes (that might have to wait for the version after though). Yes, old data would be retained of course (database table copied over, then the plugin removed after the app is installed automatically).

I was 85% through the re-write for 4.5 when I saw my old note about this hitch and was like... yeah...

EDIT: You know what? This plugin does work fine as-is with 4.5 so all y'all are safe, it's just not going to be in the ACP Marketplace. I'm pushing this to an app, and I'm going to roll it all in: Forums, Blogs, Gallery, calendar I guess. Downloads, Commerce and Pages will be low-priority, but Forums out of the gate and then the others.

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Application done. Out of the gate it will be just forums, but blogs and gallery will be close behind after this breathes a bit out in the open - just want to make sure everything settles in for everyone before adding the rest.  

On installation, the new app will detect if you have the plugin installed, hump over your existing data, and then delete the plugin, so do not remove the plugin prior to installation of this new thing. You'll just wipe your existing data.

There are built in cull options now if you need to wipe a single topic's viewers out, or cull the whole thing and start over again (along with the usual truncate by x-amount-of-days daily task)

Want to spy? You can spy your members via the ACP member view page where I added a tab for Who Viewed. Naturally with just forums as the only app it's a little spartan but it is a start.

Those of you with GDPR or other jurisdictional fun to deal with, for now, no, you can't throw a member's views at them if they ask for it. But yes, it's an easy add to dump to CSV and on the list - will be fairly soon. 

All the usual clearing/merging of datas when a topic is deleted or a member is merged/deleted also occur.


All the rest of the newness will have to wait for the Marketplace entry. Gonna do a little testing first before submission.

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Just fyi this is finally, really done. Ran into some hitches with name spacing (don't ask...) and caught a few things on testing I figured I should just deal with now rather than post-release. That and the usual other work, other problems thing.

Approved when it is approved. There will be a new support topic as well. This topic remains for a brief time as support for the old plugin, which, yes, does work with 4.5, so it will remain "supported" but I will not be flagging it as officially compatible with 4.5. In fact, I had IPS go ahead and disable new purchases on the plugin itself as there was at least one purchase AFTER I stuck a bunch of text at the top of the MP listing saying don't do that as you would just be throwing money away.

Init release pretty much as stated in the previous post. The GDPR stuff will be "soon" but I'll probably push gallery and blogs support out first. The app is GDPR "safe" as nothing is saved when a member is deleted from your community, all the viewer information this app stored gets wiped when the member gets wiped, but full compliance - the ability for a member to grab a download of their stored views, that's yet to be done.

New application name is just "Viewers" btw.


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Yeah, totes magoats awful on my part. I've had it running on my sites for the better part of a month+ now with zero hitches. It's ready, but there have been so many squirrels I've been chasing lately (and those are just the ones that are public).

If I don't get too distracted I'll grind out the submission tonight (whole new description - blah)

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Hi @All Astronauts

Just bought Views and installed it over Who Viewed the topic. Didn't found a separate support-topic...

I can't restrict the access to separate member groups. After saving always the first group in dropdown is selected but members from this group haven't access also. Only when "All" ist active the modal button is shown - but for everyone of course...


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