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  1. Wow "nice" find. How did you found it? Any strange things happend on your site? Chris
  2. CaliPilot

    Radical Tags

    Same here, we removed AT&P, installed RT and got the same error. Also, we don't see the old prefixes or are unable to add new ones to a forum. Do you have an advice to solve this? This is currently on a testserver we we try the upgrade from 4.4.10 to so we shuld be able to "fix" it on our own 😉 Thanks! Update: We restarted the upgrade from scratch, this time we kept AT&P installed (but deactivated) when installing RT but no change, we see the same error. Chris
  3. I've stumpled about this post as i searched for a similiar solution. We have a little "marketplace" where users can sell their stuff. I've looked for a solution where we can automatically move closed threads to an archive to provide an better overview about the things which are still available. Chris
  4. OMG.. how embarassing.. i'm dumb... sorry for that... 😉 Chris
  5. Hi Adriano, i'm still on 4.4 and purchased the Plugin a few minutes ago. As described Version 2.2.2 should be compatible with 4.4 but... i'm unable to download the previous version 🙂 Chris
    Works like charm and the community is pretty happy about this new feature! Thank you very much! This tool is so helpful i would love to pay for it! Chris
    Works as expected and saves a lot of time! Thank you! Chris
  6. Sorry for the late response. Yes you are correct, we switched it off and it went back on. In on of the latest updates the issue was fixed and the settings stay as they were! Thank you! Chris
  7. Did that but the answer is always not very helpful, that's why i thought about a way to track those issues in the backend. Chris
  8. Hi, we get a lot complaints in the recent few months from users who are unable to register a new account on our community. If we try to register with their data (Username and EMail) it works as intended. Is there a way to track why someone fails in the process? Thanks Chris
  9. Hi IPS, it would be very nice if we could have a time restriction setting for each content type to allow users for example to edit their posts for 15 Minutes and make unrestricted changes to their Albums or Images. A single setting for all modules and content types isn't really sufficient. Thanks Chris
  10. Hi, we are on v4.4.5 and i've noticed that we are unable to disable the send of diagnostic data (usage data & error reports). Is this a bug or a feature? Chris
  11. Awesome! That worked like charm, thank you! Chris
  12. Any hints how to show the group formating again? Chris
  13. Hi, we've updated to IPS 4.4 today and the latest version of your plugin! Somehow the group formating is gone and the usernames are displayed in the default color (in all Themes, even the default from IPS). How can we fix this? Greets Chris Some additional info: IPS 4.4.4 PHP 7.3 Themes: IPS Default, IPSfocus: Spectrum, Novus (latest versions).
    A very important tool in our community, we use it since we migrated vom VB to IPS! Chris
  14. 124 Downloads and not a single feedback? So then let me be the first! Thank you, workes like charm! Chris
  15. Thanks! Looks like what i‘m looking for! Chris
  16. Hi all, one of you team members asked me how he could post a link which is only visible to registered members or more advanced, only for members of a specific group. The post itself should be visible to all users. I've found no answer so far but maybe there is a clever solution out there 😉  Thanks in advance  Chris
  17. We switched to 4.3 yesterday and the message is gone. Thanks everyone! Chris
  18. Hi, i appreciate the service from IPS to take care of those users who are still using reCAPTCHA 1. But we don't have that, how do we get rid of the huge message on top of the dashboard? Thanks Chris
    Works like charm. Thank you!
  19. Thank you, i will give it a try with some test runs... Chris
  20. Hi, as i understood you should (or better have to) create profile fields, user groups and stuff like that in front of the migration. But what about the forum structure? Should i also create the categories, forums, subforums etc? In the help guides it says: The little "etc" makes me unsure what else i should create... Thanks in advance Chris
  21. Thank you very much, that did the trick! Chris
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