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Super Search and Stream Results 7.2.1

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  • Searchlight navigable highlighted search terms on the content items themselves
  • Select-a-Search highlight text to search feature on commenting content
  • More Precise Search Result Snippets
  • Faster Search and Stream results
  • Customize Gallery stream results
  • Truncate Stream descriptions




Highlights searched-for terms on search results content pages. When your users click a search result link, the content page that loads with those results will have their search terms highlighted! SSSR has some major improvements over the earlier standalone Searchlight plugin. Marked terms can be navigated via a side-page navigation element that also notes how many marks there are on the page and which mark is currently navigated to. Admins can configure not only the mark styling but create separate styling for the "active" mark on a page. Version 4 of SSSR incorporates major improvements into the marking routine

With 4.0.0 I've reworked the Searchlight functionality to effectively remove any double marks that would break the Searchlight highlighting and navigation, added more formatting options for the search mark navigator, and a few other things. SSSR 6 now includes a toggle to turn the marks on/off and also will no longer mark out common small inconsequential stop words (the, a, an, etc...) when marking words separately. They are still marked when the full query term is marked out.





On comment content, which are any commenting areas in the Invision Community suite, most notably Forums, IPS provides a feature where you can select text and are then presented with the option to add that selected text as a quote in a new comment/response. SSSR with 4.0.0 now piggy backs on that feature to allow you to instead search that selected text instead! Admins can just add the single option to search for the selected text as individual terms or as a direct phrase (quote). Yes, expanding this to other non-comment areas is on the punch list but it will probably require adding in a 3rd party tooltip library. Not the end of the world, just means I'll take some time before doing it.


Better / Faster Search Results Snippets

Prior to Invision Community 4.5 IPS pushed out the ENTIRE content item for every search result. That was... not ideal. So I had a Truncate Search and Stream Results plugin that lightened that load and also incorporated it into an early version of this plugin. IPS got religion with 4.5 and now natively truncates every search and stream result to 600 characters, which naturally removes the need for my truncating plugin. The hitch though, is that it is always the first 600 characters of the item. If you expect search results to have some of your searched for terms highlighted in the snippet, unless you have a hit in the first 600 characters, that ain't happening. For streams this is nothing - there is nothing to mark out. For search results this is a problem. I went out of my way with my earlier plugin to ensure at least something highlightable was returned in the search results snippets. For 4.5 this is, as you can see, still needed. SSSR skips common English stop words (Elasticsearch list, to skip common things like 'a', 'the', and so on) and looks for the first instance of a search term in the content item, grabs some text forward and back, and pushes that 600 characters out for the search result snippet, ensuring you will, usually, have something highlighted in each result returned. Works spectacularly for quoted search terms; see the screen shots for the rest. Its pretty solid though I do have an upgrade in the hopper that will take the longest of your search terms and use that as the one to mark out instead of just the first term. Either way, this is a nice search upgrade.

Invision Community 4.6: IPS pulled the truncation of search and stream results they had with 4.5. SSSR was truncating anyways for search results to get better matching snippets presented but with SSSR 6 I've re-inserted the truncation on stream results. They are, of course, quite perky now without needing your browser to truncate all that content text with JS.


Display Mods

  • When users make custom Streams, all of their choices for content appear in the description underneath the stream name. That can be a rather large amount of text. SSSR provides an option to truncate all that down with whatever remains available under a 'read more' click. See screenshot.
  • Gallery stream results can be quite heavy, often times loading in 15 or more images per Gallery item. That's a lot of weight for a page. SSSR let's you truncate that all down to whatever level you are comfortable with.
  • When users are on the advanced search / search results page, they probably do not need to be told in the page title that they can 'Search the community'. SSSR provides an option to kill that and replace it instead with the terms searched for with the same appearance as the page title. 



  • Make sure you toggle the Searchlight feature ON in the plugin settings. Same for Select-a-Search.
  • Searchlight should work most places in most apps but Gallery has been specifically exceptioned OUT due to the post-pageload image popup modal. I might come back to that later.
  • IMPORTANT! For select-a-search, this piggy-backs on the built-in IPS quote highlight function. That feature ONLY fires if a user is able to actually quote something in a comment area. That means it will not fire for guests if you do not allow guests to post, or any forums/topics where the member is not allowed to post, locked topics, and so on.
  • Yes there is still more to come with this mod.
  • Search junky? Check out Social Search. It's slightly paused as IPS now natively tracks search results but my tracking is more precise and there are some neat social features around search. IF we get some more interest there I'd love to get back at it...


Any questions just pop into the support topic.

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What's New in Version 7.2.1   See changelog


  • Nothing that I know of...
  • One user reported the PHP8 checker was flagging it or something but it has been fine on my PHP 8 sites, so on the off-chance there is a bad version uploaded here I incremented the version number and installed this new version on a live site and ran the Support Tool. It came back clear so here you go 🤷‍♂️

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