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Can't access my forum, please help?

Nukeproof Mega

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I'm getting a blank white page (in Firefox) which can indicate a php error.

Does your admin panel work at all ? , try adding /admin to the end of the URL

If it does not: Submit a ticket in the Client Area for assistance with this. It *could* be a hosting concern but that seems unlikely.


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Did you update your website with last version of IPB (4.1.10) and are you using Steam login app ?

If yes just update Steam login app too.

I did the same problem (blank page) because steam login app was not up to date.

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If you have any custom login handlers, they may have broken in the upgrade, because there were some breaking changed (if you were using the latest version of steam login, it was fixed, but otherwise that's likely to be the issue). If you do have any 3rd party login handlers, you should be able to fix it by making a file with the following contents:


include "init.php";

foreach ( \IPS\Plugin::plugins() as $plugin ){
	if ( $plugin->enabled ) {
		$plugin->enabled = FALSE;
		echo "Disabled {$plugin->_title}<br/>";

and give it a .php extension, then upload it to the root directory of your IPS installation, in the same dir as init.php. Navigate to that page in your browser, and it should disable all your plugins and ouput a list of the plugins that it disabled.

You should then be able to access the site, and enable the plugins again.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't tested this code, but I think it should work. I'm not responsible if it makes your server spontaneously combust.

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